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Retailers in Corner on Climate Change

world climate conf paris

The World Climate Change Conference in Paris is under way, attended by over 150 countries. In a message received today, from William Taylor, co-ordinator of Farmers for Action, Northern Ireland (second left, meeting on farmgate prices) writes:

WT farmgate pricesThis has brought into sharp focus just where our world is with industrial pollution, food production and its value and the value of farmers.

According to Sir David Attenborough, Barack Obama and others there is still time to fix this, but only just and we must act now for the sake of our children and future generations!

Now we have the corporates, food wholesalers, retailers and processors in a corner.

How can they mention the word ‘green’ yet import New Zealand lamb during 2015 when there is plenty already here, purely for profit and to play off New Zealand farmers against UK farmers and vice versa. (Ed: see MP Caroline Lucas’: Stopping the great food swap: Relocalising Europe’s food supply).

How can they import beef even from Poland when there is plenty here already and so the list goes on – but no longer! FFA intend to hold the corporates and Westminster Government to account on their carbon foot print at every turn by exposing their green credentials for the pharisees that they currently are.

Furthermore, FFA would warn the Government about pointing the finger at livestock methane emissions (which are being improved on) which disperse in 20 years – while the corporate food world plays fast and loose with carbon footprints and the resulting CO2 emissions that take 200 years to disperse, purely for profit, with the Government’s blessing, while UK farmers go broke.

FFA are calling for the Westminster Government to introduce the pre-EU Isle of Man system, where regional produce, which must come from the nearest source, must all be used first and foremost before any is imported.

US cannot turn up at a climate change conference in Paris in full support and then agree to have the same food – eg beef – sailing to the US whilst another ship sails to the UK with the same cargo. This is but one example of the double standards of the UK Government and Europe on climate change that FFA are not prepared to tolerate!

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Stressed workers call for a rebalanced economy in a ‘People’s Prosperity Manifesto’

FFA co-ordinator William Taylor pictured above with Belfast shoppers

FFA co-ordinator William Taylor pictured above with Belfast shoppers

The Farmers Journal reports that, at the end of April, Farmers For Action (FFA) were seeking public support for their ‘People’s Prosperity Manifesto’, launched in front of Belfast City Hall, which calls on the public to vote for candidates who support farm gate pricing legislation, less red tape within the public sector and reform of education, health care and the EU.

William Taylor, Farmers for Action (NI) sent a copy of the People’s Prosperity Manifesto and writes:

“It has become clear that farmers at the coal face who are not getting properly paid for their produce have a lot in common with the stresses of teachers, health workers etc. In short, it’s time for a re-balancing the economy and a sort-out of top civil servants. We see the People’s Prosperity Manifesto as the missing link in democracy.

“We launched the manifesto in Belfast on Tuesday in front of the City Hall and found a huge thirst from people for something like this to turn on the politicians and say here’s what we actually want!”

Highlights follow:



ffa manifesto

The People’s Prosperity


Voters Check List 2015

This is your chance to

Vote traditional or Vote for Countrywide Prosperity

The people of the UK’s Manifesto is your blueprint to securing a guaranteed prosperous UK and re-balancing of the economy by tactically voting, using a tick box exercise to choose your local Westminster MP, who must be capable of following and delivering your agenda below and guarantee to influence Westminster and commit their Party / Independent position as follows [highlights only]

Food Security (UK barely 60%) delivered as follows: legislation on farm gate prices giving farming families an income safety net of the cost of production plus a margin inflation linked with flexible supply control across the staples, thereby, creating UK prosperity the President Roosevelt New Deal way. This will create 250,000 quality jobs overnight and then 1million + quality jobs across the UK soon after from John O’Groats to Lands End, town and country alike, thus helping to secure food security and exports. A firm commitment is needed from your would-be MP that their Party/Independent will immediately introduce legislation on farm gate prices as UK prosperity depends on it and the new government must insist that all government procurement of food must be regional, national or nearest supply and put an end to the vast majority of the unnecessary money-grabbing wasteful quangos!

National Security to be maintained at a minimum of 2% GDP as is our NATO obligation – we live in dangerous times and therefore must ensure food security and national security.

Health Service: the new government must deliver a Health Service free of expensive red tape properly staffed and financed with Doctors, Matrons, Sisters, Nurses, paramedics, midwifery and auxiliary health workers, sufficient beds and equipment with rural hospitals kept open, alongside a root and branch majority cull of self-promoting over-paid non-technical top and middle management. Your MP to be selected must commit themselves and their Party/Independent to the above in Westminster and UK wide and return the Health Service to commonsense technically qualified management that listens to the people at the coal face. Finally hospital car park charges to be removed immediately after the election!

Education: the new Government must deliver a modern education system with adequate teachers/lecturers free of expensive red tape with healthy cookery skills, apprenticeships and University entrants catered for, to prepare young people properly for a working life and family life ahead, plus an end to school closures unless replaced by new, followed by a root and branch majority cull of self-promoting over paid, non-technical top and middle management. Your MP to be selected must commit themselves and their Party/Independent to the above in Westminster and UK wide and return education to commonsense technically qualified management that listens to the people at the coalface!

Environment: the new government must deliver an environmental policy of clean air, clean water, water is the UK’s strength and most precious resource, with only 2% of the world’s water fresh water and only 1% of that available; countryside and towns free of pollution pursuing the new and multiple sources of the very successful renewable energy now available and improving daily. 100% recycling at every opportunity. Your selected MP must commit themselves and their UK Party/Independent if elected to immediately block a proposed 20 year UK pillage of fossil fuels through unconventional oil and gas development, including fracking in Northern Ireland and across GB as the consequences would be irreversible for our beautiful green and pleasant land including water quality.

Business – many of the world’s large corporate businesses are already here in the UK and are trading, more will come due to the forthcoming reduction in corporation tax in Northern Ireland, however, the majority of corporates operating across the UK currently ignore their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligation as follows, CSR in short means they must not abuse financially any sole trader or small corporate businesses smaller than themselves. The new Government must legislate on certain parts of CSR to become involuntary across the UK to achieve fairness in rural UK and fairness in towns and cities. Furthermore, a law must be passed insisting that if these corporates are going to trade across the UK then they must have local telephone numbers answered by local people and no answering machines permitted. Your MP to be selected must commit to promoting the above in Westminster and commit to implementing the above legislation for the UK including banks.

Government: Successive Westminster Governments over the last two decades have progressively and still are capitulating to the greed of banks, large corporates and a top layer of management civil servants in agriculture, health, education etc totally ignoring the people at the coalface. Government sectors are run by an out of control, out of touch top and middle layer of self promoting civil servants, the majority now with no technical ability and many of them paid more than the Prime Minister. These people are living high off the hog and making everyone’s life a misery by creating self-promoting costly red tape and thus leaving services short of money and staff. The MP of your choice must insist that they and their Party/Independent if elected will see to it that these top civil servants are rooted out, trimmed and replaced with people with technical ability and commonsense as required. During the recent 4 years of civil servants pay freeze it was no accident that the cost of civil servants pay rose year on year by the top UK civil servant layer self-promoting themselves, in many cases under the guise of, e.g. closing a local school and merging it with an already larger one, to allow them to claim a higher pay scale due to an ‘increased work load’.

European Union: 50% of what goes on at the EU HQ in Brussels is very commendable e.g. Human Rights across all EU28 member states; peace kept since WWII across the member states, borders coming down to both trade across the EU and relatively free movement of people. The bad 50% – we have the once a month pilgrimage to Strasbourg by virtually everyone working in the EU Brussels offices moving to Strasbourg to complete their week’s work, wasting €200 million annually. We have the out of control top civil servants in Brussels creating expensive red tape to strangle all member states in order to justify their promotion-oriented existence. Again these top civil servants need culled and replaced with people with technical ability and commonsense. Remove all lowland and arable area subsidies to EU farmers, saving well over €100 billion in the life of the current CAP alone; instead give EU farmers legislation on farm gate prices stating that they have to be paid a minimum of the cost of production plus a margin inflation linked alongside flexible supply control across the staples to provide them with a financial safety net, and forcing the large corporates to lower their profits, returning your countryside to the well tried and tested family farming success story as opposed to aiding and abetting factory farming. The EU must implement an original Isle of Man policy of using all the produce available in any region first and foremost before imports are considered and those imports should be the nearest source, hugely against the corporates financial wishes.

Using the People’s Manifesto will give you the power of selection – have your say, tell your friends about the Voters Checklist and your vote will count!


Readers who want the full manifesto with the checklists, to present to potential MPs, click on


Scottish independence campaign: FFA to ask all politicians if they will legislate on farm gate prices

Press release from William Taylor, Farmers For Action UK NI co-ordinator:

ffa header 2

Rural dwellers in Scotland have a golden opportunity to settle the debate on independence: they should immediately put the case to the Scottish National Party and to the Westminster government for safety-net legislation on farm gate prices and see what the politicians are made of, then vote accordingly.

A project campaigning for legislation on farm gate prices for staples

12 months ago in Northern Ireland, FFA put the case for legislation on farmgate prices for all the staples that would provide a safety net giving farmers a minimum of the true cost of production plus a margin inflation linked return minimum. If the market prices go higher NI farmers would receive such prices, but when prices fall they could only legally come down to the safety-net price of the cost of production plus a margin inflation linked.

In Northern Ireland four farm organisations, including Northern Ireland Livestock Auctioneer Associations, are now working equally with Farmers For Action on the project with the Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister and the Agriculture Committee at Stormont.   The icing on the cake for the Northern Ireland politicians who see the legislation through is the creation of 25,000 jobs immediately, which equates to a minimum of one professional job for every farm in Northern Ireland, only to be followed by thousands more good quality permanent jobs throughout agriculture and its suppliers. In Scotland this would equate initially to 53,000 jobs.

 The facts:

  1. 25% of UK family farmers are living below the poverty line (welfare overrides the legislation being anti competitive);
  2. the price of beef is in free fall along with virtually every other commodity needing a huge lift to even reach the true cost of production, eg milk 42p/l, beef £5.15 per kg, lamb £5.15 per kg, potatoes £175 per tonne;
  3. grain and oil seeds are one of the few exceptions, in that world market shortages due to bio fuel use is keeping the price currently just about cost of production but usually over and above.

With family farmers standing no chance of getting a fair price against the likes of Tesco or corporate processors, it’s time for the politicians who put Scotland before themselves to stand forward and do what Roosevelt did in the US 30s depression; he couldn’t get the US out of recession until he put money in farmers’ pockets. Farmers with money in their pockets purchase from approximately 123 other businesses and create employment, they cannot currently reinvest and continue producing food whilst losing money.

So come on Scotland! Put the case to the politicians, let’s end 21st century rural poverty together by making the politicians pull their weight and earn their keep. Now is your golden opportunity to turn the debate back to the politicians and ask if they are prepared to legislate on farm gate prices so that rural dwellers are properly rewarded for their work as the Lisbon Treaty states, or if they will turn their backs on 53,000 Scottish jobs by putting corporate greed first, yet again!

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