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The Straw/Rifkind cases – tip of the iceberg

‘Becoming richer’ is not the most important issue; the most damaging effect of these cases is the destruction of democracy as enriched politicians and civil servants influence decisions in the corporate interest.

cameron lobbying

The BBC reports that, speaking to Sky News, Speaker John Bercow said his attitude was that MPs should represent their constituents and not use their position to make money from outside interests, adding: “People should not be in parliament to add to their personal fortune”.

Anglo-Saxon attitudes: in a British graphic, the Union Jack would look somewhat similar to this ‘Stars and Stripes’:

corporate capture of USA

Following the “cash for access” allegations, the Labour leader Ed Miliband called for a ban on MPs being allowed to have two jobs.

The Vested Interest in Politics Group would go further and many would advocate the extension of ACOBA’s remit to ensure that any personal friend or family member of a senior politician or civil servant gets employment with any corporate, totally on their own merits.

fit to rule tests atos

Policy of perfection for MPs – steer clear of business interests and work for the constituency and the wider good.

ACOBA is an advisory non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Cabinet Office, which considers applications under the business appointment rules about new jobs for former ministers, senior civil servants and other Crown servants. Read more: