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Two Georges, two attitudes to global capitalism

The Brummie Aggregator site today led to an article by George Galloway in which he refers to the Chancellor’s determined attempt to “rehabilitate and turbo-charge the very economic model of neoliberalism that has come crashing down”.

He indicts Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Blair and Brown who embraced the Thatcherite revolution ‘with abandon’ and colluded in cutting loose “the leviathans of the boardroom” from any moorings binding them to society.

Politics now – great heat and clatter about differences that amount to so little:

“It is policed by an army of spin doctors with focus groups and caution masquerading as radicalism, all aimed at winning the ear of powerful elite and the votes of a diminishing part of the electorate.

“In one sense, it has become an anti-politics – the administration of things, not the transformation of lives.

“Instead, we stand at a new threshold where politics – the big political choices about the future of our society and planet – is back . . .

“Out there,” where so few politicians dare to tread, the feelings of despair and rage are not only palpable, they are expressed in an idiom that is profoundly political.

“People have noticed that one by one central pillars of the Establishment have been shown to have feet of clay and boots filled with cash”.

Mr Galloway cites:

  • the MPs’ expenses scandal, which has left an indelible mark
  • the defenestration of Murdoch
  • the Libor scandal and other banking outrages
His call for ‘democratic insurgency’ across our country doesn’t convince some, so other descriptions of alternative paths would be welcomed.

To read the full article click here.