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Should the Green Party join Corbyn Labour and fight together for social justice and for the planet?

Owen Jones suggests that the Green Party should join Jeremy Corbyn and fight together for social justice and for the planet: “For those attracted to the Green message of a “peaceful political revolution” to end austerity, Corbynism seemed like a natural new home”.

He thinks it is time for the Green Party to join forces with Labour, unite the English and Welsh left under one banner, bring one of the country’s most inspiring politicians into the spotlight and reinvigorate the campaign to save the planet from environmental destruction, adding:

“It’s exactly the arrangement that has existed between Labour and the Co-operative Party for nine decades: indeed, there are 38 MPs who belong to both. Rather than proving the death of green politics, such a pact would give it new life”.

In an act of political sacrifice at the last election, the Green Party stood down candidates across the country to avoid splitting the left-of-centre vote.

A pact could be made, creating the sort of relationship the Co-op Party has with Labour, with dual Labour/Green membership.

There would be Labour/Green MPs just as there are Labour/Co-op MPs today

Significantly more Green MPs would be elected. Climate change would become a genuine political priority. It should also mean Caroline Lucas in the shadow cabinet – and later in government with the environment brief. This would end a pointless division on the British left. Owen Jones continues:

“Lucas herself has been a committed fighter for causes that must be central to Labour’s message. She was right to criticise pre-2015 Labour for failing to challenge the “austerity message”, and has opposed cuts to everything from women’s refuges to schools. Her courage in fighting climate change led to her arrest at an anti-fracking protest in 2013.In many ways, her campaigning zeal echoes that of Corbyn, who she has repeatedly fought alongside. Indeed, it is hardly controversial to point out that Corbyn is closer to Lucas politically than he is to many of his own MPs, and yet absurdly Lucas is a political opponent”.

“Yes, the Green leadership wants Labour to go further – on everything from committing to a shorter working week to more radical taxation. But as someone who agrees with her – that Labour’s offer is not yet radical enough – I believe the Greens’ influence in pushing for greater radicalism would be strengthened, not diluted, in a formal pact”. He ends – after recognising the opposition from some within both parties:

“A red-green alliance is surely overdue. this could be the makings of a formidable political alliance to defeat Toryism and form a government to eradicate social injustice and help save the planet. And surely that prize makes the pain of overcoming partisan differences worthwhile”.


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SIMPOL: a smaller party ? No – a political strategy offering you two votes . . .

simpol logoSimpol invites citizens to use their votes in a particular way to influence politicians towards accepting and ultimately implementing global justice policies.

They are actually offered the chance of TWO votes. The SECOND vote is the one electors have on May 7th and it’s fine as far as it goes, but it won’t do much to solve urgent global problems. By signing the Simpol Petition BEFORE May 7th, the elector gets a FIRST vote.

The Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign invites  citizens in the UK, and citizens around the world, to use votes in a powerful new way to encourage politicians to solve global problems, including:

  • financial market regulation,
  • corporate tax avoidance
  • environmental destruction,
  • war
  • social injustice
  • climate change,
  • and global poverty.

Simultaneous implementation of the relevant policies would ensure that no country became uncompetitive as a result of pursuing policies that were right for the planet and which embodied people’s higher aspirations.

To read about MEPs and MPs who have signed click on these links:

We find that Simpol is also active in these countries:

Simpol Norway. Contact: Tore Hofstad

Simpol Netherlands. Contact: Tijmen Brozius

dirk weller simpolSimpol Italy. Contact: Gianpaulo Guglielmone

Simpol Iceland. Contact: Arni Karlsson

Simpol Germany (co-ordinator Dirk Weller, left)

Simpol Portugal: 


Candidates standing in signatories’ constituencies will be immediately informed that on May 7th these voters will be giving preference to those that support Simpol, to the probable exclusion of those who don’t. If they want these votes, they’ll see the need to confirm their support for Simpol before the election!

Simpol invites all to sign the Simpol Petition now to vote for global justice; to vote to drive all politicians towards cooperating globally.