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Brenda Bullock on Soapbox 499


On the Soapbox for the 99% Brenda Bullock asks:

I wonder if 2012 will go down as the year when we finally lost our innocence?

During my 70 plus years, I (and I expect others) naively had a firm trust and pride in our national institutions.

We expected our banks to look after our money and keep it safe. We believed our politicians to be incorruptible and to have the best interests of their constituents at heart. We believed the police to be honest and the enemies of corruption and injustice and we tried hard to believe that what our newspapers printed was the truth and not deliberately fabricated falsehoods.

We smiled in a superior way at the dirty deeds of corrupt foreign governments, dictators and venal politicians greedily grasping personal wealth from the pockets of their fellow countrymen.

We were amazed when Mr Berlusconi passed laws to prevent him from being tried for corruption.

Then came the reality check that shattered forever our illusions of moral superiority.

We found that our banks have not only squandered our money but got away with doing so. We found that our politicians have robbed us by claiming enormous amounts of money by way of ‘expenses’- furthermore they can get away with doing so because they have made the rules themselves.

Now our eyes are finally open, I wonder what 2013 will bring.


First published in the Solihull News 11.01.13 and reproduced with the author’s permission.