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Media 45: Corbyn’s cabinet? The BBC placates its political masters – nevertheless support for the new shadow government grows

The BBC, whose very existence depends on government approval, is regularly criticised for supporting, by unbalanced reporting, the causes favoured by government. The interests of genetic modification, big pharma, supermarkets, the arms industry and large landowners are all upheld by state media and their gratitude crystallises in party funds from time to time.

The electorate – though they directly or indirectly pay for the institution – are badly served, as a preponderance of biased experts employed by the interests for which they witness, overbear the voices of truth.

Misleading implication: the truth is that these ten were never asked to serve – BBC, shame on you!

Instead of focussing on the new shadow cabinet, the BBC spends far more time saying that the very smooth Chuka Ummuna, Ms Creagh, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, Tristram Hunt, Rachel Reeves, Chris Leslie, Jamie Reed, Emma Reynolds and Shabana Mahmood refused to serve.

The words of former BBC Radio 4 Today and Midweek presenter, Libby Purves, are being broadcast in social media:

times shot2 libby purves

The BBC and mainstream press – under the guise of finding politics more interesting – reflect their political master’s apprehension and so are visibly and almost hysterically on the attack. Many readers have complained to the BBC over the years about biased reporting; this one confined herself to email:

“The attacks on Jeremy Corbyn have reminded us how terrible our media is – not surprising when you look at the handful of people who control the press & the subservient attitude the BBC takes to the current government. It’s in keeping with the scenario of ‘A very British Coup’ & extremely scary in my view”.

It is more subtle than Murdoch’s Times, which is currently selecting the old political correctness weapon: “Jeremy Corbyn’s choice of ‘male and pale’ allies for his shadow cabinet has caused dismay’, untrue: actually women are in the majority. The BBC then changes tack and criticises him for not giving them the most senior posts.

Were Rupert’s journalists seriously advocating that shadow ministers should be chosen on the grounds of sex and ethnicity, rather than ability and experience?

It is encouraging to see that so many members of the electorate are now more discerning, disregarding these media ploys and welcoming ‘this glorious antidote to Blair’.

15,500 new members have joined the party in the past 24 hours and more will be doing so.