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Not before the children? Low media coverage for Corbyn’s environmental policies

The Protecting Our Planet manifesto, launched on 7th August at the eco-hub at Kings Cross in Central London, was covered well by the Ecologist and the Independent plus two business sustainability sites. We quote from the Ecologist:

Promoting the well being of our planet, its people and ecosystems must be at the heart of the Labour Party’s vision of a fairer, more prosperous future.

jc environment

“There is an electoral dimension. To win, we must show we have a modern vision of an innovative country that has a new idea of prosperity and success.

“Our collective aspirations must lie with a greener vision of Britain. And we must reach out to those voters who care deeply about the environment if we are to build the electoral alliance we need.

“Climate change is a threat to our very existence. Tackling climate change will only be effective if social justice is at the heart of the solutions we propose”. After quoting Pope Francis the following aims were listed:

jc env goals

A week later Rupert Read wrote: Corbyn is great, but the Greens are different. Thirteen days later Yvette Cooper followed suit – Corbyn-lite.

As Steve Beauchampé wrote:

“Perhaps the most likely – and intriguing – scenario to that coming to pass would be a coalition between a Corbyn-led Labour, the Liberal Democrats under the auspices of social democrat leftie Tim Farron, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens”. He ends: “Now that really would scare the Daily Mail readers!”

It would disturb most corporate interests and their political dependents even more.