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Former minister Andrew Lansley passes through yet another revolving door

revolving door peopleA search on this site reveals 73 references to the revolving door phenomenon to date – and this is only the tip of the iceberg. A Moseley reader recently sent news of another high-profile revolving door operation.

David Cameron’s promised in 2010 to end the “revolving door” between Whitehall and the private sector. Despite this, Andrew Lansley the former health secretary, seen as the architect of the coalition’s privatisation moves, has taken on private sector jobs as adviser to:

  • Roche, the Swiss drugs company;
  • private equity firm Blackstone on investments in the health sector
  • and adviser to the chair and executive director of UKActive, a fitness industry trade body which is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Rowena Mason, political correspondent for the Guardian reminds us that Roche was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the cancer drugs fund that Lansley set up in 2010 to pay for life-extending medicines considered too expensive by the NHS.

guilt by association logoLansley told the Guardian that none of the roles involved lobbying the government and all had been notified to the advisory committee on business appointments (Acoba).