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“Government does not represent the will of the people. It is in the pocket of corporate gangsters”: vested interests try to impose GM crops – 2

These are the fiery words of Julian Rose, opposing GM crops in England and Poland, as he addresses protesting Polish farmers – see the background here.

jrose-gm-free2Many fear that the land which the Polish government is trying to secure for multinational corporations is for use as “designated GMO areas” to conform with European Union ‘free trade’ regulations.

The recently passed “Seeds Act”, to be effective as of January 28th, bans the planting of GM seeds but allows their trading (Maize Mon 810 and Amflora GM potato). This is not the outright ban of GM claimed by government. He continues:

“All across the World people have rejected GM food – there is no market for it if nobody wants to eat it. The GM corporations cannot accept this rejection. Instead they are consistently lying to farmers and telling them that GM crops out perform conventional crops.

“Tens of thousands of farmers in the USA have found exactly the opposite and are now going to the courts to file law suits against Monsanto corporation and others. The crops have failed them and now ‘super weeds’ are taking over their farmland”.

It’s time to stand up to the theft of the countryside and of our livelihoods as farmers. Government does not represent the will of the people. It is in the pocket of corporate gangsters. We need to show that we know their game and that we refuse to go along with it. We can supply people with what they want – but only if we retain our land and our independence.


PCU comment: Poland’s problem today, England’s tomorrow.


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