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Our Secret State – 6: incidences of chemically induced disability and death are not recorded publicly in this country

A World Health Organisation list of preventable causes of death and another list of causes of death ‘by rate’, fails to mention intake of accidental or prescribed chemicals. However, following a lead from George Wescott, information was found on its Toxic Hazards page, recording that “An estimated 355,000 people are believed to die each year from unintentional pesticide poisoning”. 

philip case fwPhilip Case, deputy news editor of the Farmers Weekly Online (left) is said to have suggested, during a phone call, that the FW’s silence on the OP situation was due to the fact that they could find no deaths recorded as resulting from OP poisoning.

The only successful legal case was brought by John Amos Hill in 1997, who died recently. He won a case for compensation against his employer and the chemical company, as this was his one and only instance of using OPs, enabling him to prove the link between using the chemical and his ill health.

Richard Bruce (background here) writes:

“Death certificates often do not state the illnesses that lead to death, citing instead  organ failures such as heart or lung failure.

“When my late mother-in-law died we were able to see the original death certificate as my wife was a close friend of the funeral director. We noted with interest that the pneumonia that killed her was not even mentioned. It simply said multiple organ failure – but she had been given the pneumonia vaccine, the effects from which she never recovered. That may explain why it was not recorded. I suspect the same will be true for OP poisoning cases”.  See an informal case history here.

Mr Bruce would welcome two beneficial changes:
  • more accurate death certificates which include a doctor’s initial illness diagnosis.
  • open reporting of the proven dangers of OPs, including those from the organophosphorus herbicide glyphosate (used on GM crops) which has been implicated in countless poisonings and suicides around the world…..

Listed elsewhere as a social crime in a PCU draft: “government obliges the pharmaceutical companies by allowing unsuitable, poorly tested drugs to be prescribed, periodically attempting mass medication via fluoride, various vaccinations, unneeded statins and so on”.

A fatal illness originated by agro-chemicals or pharmaceuticals should be indicated on the person’s death certificate, however strongly the manufacturers object.