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New Labour and Real Labour

A reader sent a link to news that the former Labour Party leader helped PetroSaudi to break into Chinese market, receiving £41,000 a month plus 2% commission whilst acting as Middle East peace envoy at the time.

blair saudi dealAccepting and even applauding the Blair regime were Conservative contemporaries and his party hierarchy.

Contrast that with the corporate media onslaught on Corbyn, whose lack of political ambition and constant support for peace and reconciliation has made him an enigmatic and threatening figure to those who live for power and wealth.

How they are now revelling in Ken Livingstone’s misleading reference to Hitler’s motive for assisting Jews to relocate to Israel, using it to cast a shadow – by association – over the Labour leader and his supporters.

For the record:

synagogue plaqueJeremy Corbyn says: “We are totally opposed to anti-Semitism in any form within the party. The very small number of cases that have been brought to our attention have been dealt with swiftly and immediately and they will be.”

He added that he suspected much of the criticism “actually comes from those who are nervous of the strength of the Labour Party at local level”.

Ken was correct in that the German government headed by Hitler set up the 1933 Haavara (Transfer) Agreement to help German Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Their possessions were transferred to Palestine as German export goods. This was not seen as a mark of admiration or approval for Zionism however; the agreement was designed to encourage Jewish emigration from a Germany which was politically hostile to non-Aryan minorities at the time.

See a medal in the collection of Canada’s North Shore Numismatic Society described as having been struck by Goebbels’ Berlin daily Der Angriff to commemorate  the co-operation and support given by the Zionist Jewish Agency in helping to make Germany “Judenfrei”.

Confirmation of this Wikipedia account is to be found in a partisan source, published by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, established in 1993 as a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization to strengthen the U.S./Israel relationship by emphasizing the fundamentals of the alliance — shared values.

Real Labour under Jeremy Corbyn opposes military aggression and corporate piracy and stands for peace, justice and equality of opportunity for all.


Will Mr Blair’s falling revenues now be boosted?

eloquent hands

eloquent hands

The junior architect of Middle Eastern chaos advises US Republicans that another US-led effort to preserve ‘our values’ is needed – and receives three standing ovations.

blair mccain twitterThe Guardian reports that, according to a source present, Tony Blair, introduced by his tweeting friend, Senator John McCain (above), addressed a closed-door strategy session attended by nearly 300 Republican senators and congressmen.

On January 6, the FT recorded in detail the findings – and obfuscations – of the most recent set of accounts filed by companies set up by former prime minister Tony Blair, after leaving Downing Street in 2007 and embarking on a ‘post-Westminster career as an adviser to the rich and powerful around the globe’.

There is an umbrella group, Tony Blair Associates, which is comprised of two separate business ventures, Windrush and Firerush (and their subsidiaries Windrush Ventures No. 1, Windrush Ventures No. 2, Firerush Ventures No.1 and Firerush Ventures No. 2.), representing his advice to governments and companies and sovereign wealth funds, respectively.

Windrush Ventures Ltd (advice to governments) announced a 50%+ fall compared with last year’s takings. The other accounts issued by Tony Blair’s office (here) are described as ‘opaque’ by the FT’s Jim Pickard.

blair cash criticA 2009 Guardian critique in which this graphic appears may be read here.

Handwashing – not our fault gov

Blair reportedly argued that countries in the west didn’t cause radical Islam and the terrorism associated with it, but were caught up in it (frequent applause).

Be tolerant, or else . . .

The ‘hawks’ in the party who were said to believe that the White House response to recent attacks has been too limited will have welcomed his assertion that force would be needed – especially if used within his proposed “global alliance to teach tolerance”.

Justifying dubious connections

Mr Blair, who is said to be earning £41,000 a month from PetroSaudi, an oil company with links to the ruling Saudi royal family, said it was hard to be successful “unless you had allies within Islam itself”.

Boosting arms manufacturers

According to the witness, Blair said radical Islam was a perverted ideology that justified the use of force against those of other religions or Muslims who interpreted their faith differently. It was hostile to “us and our values”, he claimed, and though some want to negotiate with it or ignore it, neither of those approaches would work and it had to be confronted.

statue liberty covers eyes

Tony Blair was said to be hopeful about the prospect of building further alliances in the Middle East between US-backed Israel and the Arab states against radical Islam, arguing that many Islamic leaders in recent years had come to understand that they too were the targets of radical Islam.

Appealing to hubris – his and theirs

He concluded that America would have to play a leading role in what he thought would be a “generational” struggle and urged the Republicans present not to disengage and to rise to the task (applause).

Sadly, the congressional staff members present at the meeting greeted Blair with standing ovations after he was introduced, at the conclusion of his remarks and after a brief question-and-answer session.