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Media 70: The Times exposed – again: “ignore the media spin and read beyond headlines!”

In April, a Murdoch Press attack on Jeremy Corbyn was wrongfooted and once more The Times latest Corbyn strike has been clearly refuted.

The Times offered a fragment of truth: “Len McCluskey said that Mr Corbyn and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, were “not egomaniacs” and would not try to “cling on” at the head of the party” – admirable – woven into a web of insinuations, carefully selected quotes and wishful thinking.

Unite’s McCluskey offered a full rebuttal and reaffirmed support for Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter:

len-m“Jeremy Corbyn continues to have my full support, he’s a genuine, decent man fighting for a fairer Britain – media headlines distort facts!

“As well as my full support Jeremy Corbyn has support of our elected executive who actually make decisions for Unite. As we said this morning ignore the media spin and read beyond headlines!”

His reward: the ‘failed plotters’ are hoping to unseat him and replace him by a more amenable general secretary.




‘Selling off NHS for profit’: MPs with links to private healthcare firms

A breathtaking list of seventy MPs are profiting from the private healthcare industry and have a vested interest in its successful expansion.

Following this website’s reference to the director of a chain of private nursing homes buying access to government circles, evidence of extraordinary political investment in this industry has been received. We thank Felicity Arbuthnot, who sent this link to the Mirror’s revelation:

nhs links mps

Substantial donations made by private healthcare companies to ministers are detailed in an earlier article:

All MPs named in the dossier voted in favour of the Government’s Health and Social Care Act in 2012, which opened up the NHS to more private firms.

Today there will be a vote on Labour frontbencher Clive Efford’s Private Members’ Bill, when MPs will decide whether to scrap key sections of the Act.

UNITE general secretary Len McCluskey said that this dossier of disgrace exposes the corruption at the heart of our Government’s health reforms.

Boot the money-fixated out of the temple?

We are in desperate need of honest politicians, dedicated only to the service of their constituents.

The register of members’ interests will give a great deal of information. It does not, however, include news of beneficial employment given to families and friends.

Yesterday a reader sent a link to an article recording the Unite union’s claims that 24 Conservative MPs and peers who voted in favour of the government’s health reforms have links to 15 private companies which won NHS contracts worth £1.5bn since 2012..Broken BritainIts findings include information about some politicians alleged to have received donations from organisations linked to private healthcare companies and others alleged to have a financial stake in companies that have won contracts since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.

The research is said to have spanned a period of around a year and to be based on freedom of information requests, analysis of company reports, clinical commissioning group accounts, the electoral register and register of interests.

A Conservative spokesman denied any wrongdoing: “All donations to the Conservative party are fully permissible and are declared with the Electoral Commission in accordance with the rules.”

fit to rule tests atos

News of some named individuals may be read in the Guardian.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said around £12bn of former NHS services are now being run by the private sector:

“Key clinical services including cancer care, blood analysis and mental health have been sold off or are up for sale. It is time to scrap the Health and Social Care Act and save our NHS.”