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Political loyalties: EU or USA? The red carpet treatment wins the day

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Saudi Arabia, with Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Sudan led a gulf coalition airstrike against Yemen in March. The Obama administration is supporting the Saudi-led air war with intelligence, air refueling operations and expediting weapons deliveries and other crucial support.

Today a Moseley reader draws our attention to the news reported by the Guardian that – eager to follow suit – David Cameron has extolled the ‘defence’ products made by BAE Systems and assured the company that every effort would be made by the UK government to support the selling of their equipment to Saudi Arabia, Oman and other countries.

This, despite the European parliament’s vote in favour of an EU-wide ban on arms being sold to Saudi Arabia in protest at its heavy aerial bombing of Yemen, which has been condemned by the UN.

According to a BBC report, Houthis – aka Shiite Muslim rebels – are seeking change from weak governance, corruption, resource depletion and poor infrastructure, unemployment, high food prices, limited social services and large-scale displacement.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets of the capital, Sana’a, to voice their anger at the Saudi invasion.

yemen bombing

Death and destruction: the fruits of Saudi, UK, USA labour


Incoming government: stop exporting death and destruction in the name of defence and security

Proud to be British?

yemen bombedBritain shares moral responsibility for the cowardly bombing of a country Saudi Arabia has long sought to control. Almost 1,000 people have died and as many as 150,000 have been displaced by the conflict.

The FT’s shockingly bland description of this action is: “the oil-rich Sunni kingdom’s emerging strategy of using its military superiority”, arms industry-speak.

Houthi leaders say they will not negotiate an end to what seems to be a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran until:

  • Saudi-led attacks end
  • The US–Saudi naval blockade is lifted and
  • political dialogue is resumed under the sponsorship of the UN.

Arms promotion tours planned by the current government’s UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation

arms tour 15-16Information supplied on the government’s UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation website in February was graphically presented by the able alert, energetic campaigners against the arms trade. See further disturbing information on their website.

And amid the slaughter and mayhem, Britain and other arms exporters ‘laugh all the way to the bank’