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Why would the Treasury disregard their own data about the economic importance of low carbon infrastructure?

Today the Antidote site welcomed the Green Alliance’s analysis of the Green Economy.

Their press release emphasises that this work draws on government data, working with individuals from departments to verify their findings as well as the data of businesses such as Bloomberg:

“The results are impressive and show how this sector has proven itself resilient to recession. Especially striking is the infrastructure story – data taken from the Treasury. It shows they are sitting on the fact that low carbon infrastructure is of much bigger economic importance to the UK, attracts far more private sector money, while high carbon remains reliant on the public sector for its investments. If you want to get private sector investment, you want offshore wind not roads and airports”.

Statistics in Green Economy: a UK success story may be downloaded here but readers are asked to login as a ‘cms user’ here to read the report.