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Michael Meacher: Tony Blair fails to understand the Corbyn earthquake

Michael Meacher was Minister of State for the Environment for six years, though for some reason Tony Blair did not appoint him to the Cabinet. Meacher gained a fine reputation, well-respected as a skilled negotiator and a minister with full command of his complex brief. He helped John Prescott to clinch the Kyoto agreement to limit carbon emissions in 1997 and was one of the first in Government to come to grips with the issue of global warming.

michael meacher

Meacher notes in his recent Global Research article , that after hi-jacking the party down a route utterly alien to its founders, in order to ingratiate himself with corporate and financial leaders on their terms . . . Tony Blair appears not to understand why the Corbyn earthquake is happening or  the passionate resentment which he and New Labour created:

  • by laying the foundations for the financial crash of 2008-9 and making the squeezed middle and brutally punished poor pay for it,
  • by aligning New Labour alongside the Tories in pursuit of austerity from 2010 onwards, though Osborne’s policy (to shrink the State) has been unsuccessful in reducing the deficit,
  • by taking Britain without any constitutional approval into an illegal was with Iraq,
  • by introducing into politics the hated regime of spin and manipulation,
  • by indulging now his squalid lust for money-making
  • and by clearly having no more overriding desire than to strut the world with Bush.

He then asked three searching questions about Blair’s conduct:

Why did he urge the Blairites to support the government’s welfare bill which opposed every tenet of the real Labour Party?

Why did he push for privatisation of the NHS and other public services?

Why did his ally Mandelson say “New Labour is “relaxed at people becoming filthy rich”, and proved it by letting inequality balloon to even higher heights than under Thatcher?

And concluded: “He has a lot to learn . . .”

Read the whole article here:


The Scottish referendum – was fraud committed to retain nuclear bases, oil and land for fracking?

Earlier this month Lesley Docksey wrote in Global Research about “the sneering, negative and arrogant campaigning by Westminster via the Better Together campaign”. She continued:

That didn’t go down too well so they brought in Gordon Brown to do his patriotic bit, which included talking about how many Scots had fought and died in the UK’s wars:

gordon brown no campaign

“We fought two world wars together.  And there is not a cemetery in Europe that does not have Scots, English, Welsh, and Irish lying side-by-side.  And when young men were injured in these wars, they didn’t look to each other and ask whether you were Scots or English, they came to each others aid because we were part of a common cause.”

Lesley comments: “Sorry Gordon, but many Canadians, Australians, Asians and Africans, all remnants of our Empire’s past, also fought in that common cause, since when they gained their independence.  To use dead and injured young Scots for pro-Union campaigning is, as one person put it, “repugnant”, particularly considering the centenary of the outbreak of WWI, the war that was to end all wars; even more so now, as British MPs have just voted to start bombing Iraq – again”. 

poor no lawyers who owns scotland coverLesley added that Scotland is and always has been a proud nation that has been used and abused for far too long by its greedy southern neighbour, aided by its own land-owning elite see Andy Wightman’s book The Poor Had No Lawyers.

But she also wanted the Yes vote to win for the sake of the rest of the United Kingdom, hoping that it would stir everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland into doing something about the Westminster bubble that runs and ruins our lives, unless of course we are corporate, rich or large land owners or, in many cases, all three:

“An independent Scotland could have given us a different and fairer vision for all our futures” . . . My hopes were high but there it was, this unbelievable vote to stay tied to Westminster, not England but Westminster. . .

“But it was not long before the accusations of electoral fraud surfaced.

“It started with grainy videos on YouTube, showing official counters doing odd things with the ballot papers.  Stories emerged of people at polling stations being told that someone using their name had already voted.  Children had been registered to vote.

The police “were investigating”, while Westminster pooh-poohed it all.

“A small and angry petition was launched by  First addressed to Alex Salmond it is now going to his Deputy Nicola Sturgeon, and is approaching 100,000 signatures.  And yet more has emerged of the odd and dishonest practices that have appeared to capture the No result so wanted by Westminster.  Among them are:

  • Ballot papers with no identifying marks on the back (illegal)
  • Ballot boxes from polling stations delivered to counting centres in private cars by only one person (illegal)
  • Postal ballot papers apparently being sent to England first
  • Pro-union people being allowed to open and inspect postal votes several days before the referendum (illegal)
  • And there were no exit polls.

scottish ballot 1

“Polls are not very accurate, particularly those published by pro-Union media . . .

Exit polls are.  They are conducted outside the polling stations and researchers ask people coming out how they have voted.  In the space between the polling stations closing and the counting of votes completed, exit polls give a fairly accurate picture of what the result will be.

“But the media, particularly the BBC and ITV, were asked not to conduct exit polls.  That fact alone convinces me that the Scots have been robbed of their independence.  And Westminster should hang its head in shame.  More, it should be investigated by the police”.

“Not satisfied with stealing most of the Highlands for the shooting of deer and grouse, they’re now stealing the land from under the feet of 80% of the Scottish population.  Of course Westminster had to have the No vote.  For in the same month as the referendum they started selling fracking licences to energy firms that will cover most of central Scotland, including Edinburgh and Glasgow.  And beyond, though I doubt it will touch the precious sporting estates. England did far too well out of Scotland’s North Sea oil.  Now it wants their fracked gas.

“But then, where the British elite are concerned, Scotland has only ever been a source of shooting and money.  And of course all those young men who join the military because life on the streets of Scotland’s cities under the current regime offers little else in opportunity”.

Later reports about fraud:



READ ALL ABOUT IT! US, champion of international law! R2P! The good guys in Kiev!

Felicity Arbuthnot in Global Research singles out just a few of the emotive clichés used: “red lines” are “crossed”, “sovereignty and territorial integrity” has been “violated”, as the “resolute” US, EU and Britain  stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the interim Ukraine government.

john kerry sec stateUS Secretary of State, John Kerry “representing a country which makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp when it comes to illegal invasions” has the nerve to say on CBS’ “Face the Nation”:

“You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext”.  This despite disregarding international law in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia (1999, bombed by NATO with no UN mandate).

US almost routinely threatens and invades sovereign nations

So, clearly referring to the threats and onslaughts of recent years, Russian President Vladimir Putin, on being accused of violating international law, replied: “Well, it’s good that they at least recalled that there is international law … Better late than never”.

American foreign policy

putinNBC News, an American network, reports that President Putin, in an interview about the Ukraine crisis Tuesday, described the U.S’ interference in world affairs as if it were conducting experiments on lab rats:

“I think they sit there across the pond in the U.S., sometimes it seems … like they’re in a lab and they’re running all sorts of experiments on the rats without understanding consequences of what they’re doing. Why would they do that? Nobody can explain it.”

Cameron meets EU ministers, hoping for a  “robust response” to Russia, though of late it has fired not a shot and invaded no one

The Crimean government called a referendum and a fraction under 97% voted to cede to Russia, with a turnout of over 80% – an electoral enthusiasm of which Western governments could only dream. One hundred and thirty five international observers from twenty-three countries said, consistently, they saw no pressure of any sort, and they had “not registered any violations of voting rules.”

The good guys in Kiev?

The Kosovo parallels are explored by Arbuthnot, who also reports on the mnidset of many supporting the Kiev government. As the Jewish Press reports, incidents have led to Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman asking Kiev Jews to leave the city and, if possible, the country. The Israel National News has reported that some Jewish shops have been vandalized and other threats to the Jewish community have been received.

svoboda marchRabbi Aznan records: “There are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions”.

Svoboda, the ultranationalist Ukrainian political party marches and demonstrates.

It is reported that last year at an appointed moment, the marchers removed their windbreakers to reveal T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Beat the kikes.”


With NATO encroaching ever closer and NATO countries, the US and UK planning military exercises with Ukraine, Russia has arguably fulfilled this responsibility in protection of those threatened and at risk – as requested by its former State and neighbour and as laid out by the UN.

Arbuthnot concludes pithily: “David Cameron has grand plans to “celebrate” the centenary of the start of World War 1 this year.He seems hell bent on celebrating it by starting World War 111 . . .

obama nobel drones

Someone please chuck that Obama Nobel Peace Prize into the Potomac”.



Accept Syrian refugees? Only the most emotionally stable settle happily on another continent

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has recommended action consistent with the ‘humanitarian impulse of many well-intended people’: “There is a responsibility on all of us in the free West to try and help some of those people fleeing Syria, literally in fear of their lives . . . I think this country should honour the 1951 declaration on refugee status that was agreed”.

Andrew Mersman: “Around the world, every minute, another eight people are displaced from their homes, families, villages, cities, nations…no one chooses to be displaced …

Personal experience, combined with anecdotal evidence volunteered by a doctor and a psychiatrist in Birmingham UK, leads the writer to believe that only the most emotionally stable people can successfully adapt to the change of language, customs and culture on another continent. A search reveals further support for this belief:

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Special Envoy with the United Nations, writing on the WHO website, says that more than 50% of refugees present mental health problems:

gro harlem brundtland“Present day conflicts intentionally involve civilian populations. Massive human rights violations impose serious risks on millions of people. The cognitive, emotional and socio-economic burden imposed on individuals, the family and the community are enormous. It is established that an average of more than 50% of refugees present mental health problems ranging from chronic mental disorders to trauma, distress and great deal of suffering”. She reports findings that ‘disruption of community and social support networks leads to psychosocial dysfunctioning’ and – through its normative and field activities, and that the WHO in cooperation with concerned ministries of health, other agencies, collaborating centres, academic and research institutions –  is trying to address the problem.

“The reasons for and the duration of these migrations put extraordinary stress on individuals and their families”:

prof james nazrooWhen Professor James Nazroo was a reader in sociology at University College London, he was commissioned by the Department of Health to produce a survey. Though it was not named in the source – a BBC reportsimilar work may be found online. Findings were that immigrant populations in the UK are at higher risk from mental and physical illness. Problems with access to facilities, an inability to speak the language, and racism within the adopted country all contribute to the relatively poor health of minority groups, researchers say.

“Out of six ethnic minority groups, there was only one which had a health equivalent to the general population, which was the Irish group”.

Iman Safi: we are failing to address the reasons that create refugees and to adopt a global approach to solving the problem

global research logoIn Global Research he concludes: “If the rich world (aka the “Free World”) continues to exploit poorer nations, to ravage their homelands with needless wars, exploit their resources, pollute their land and water, build factories that are best described as slave labour camps, it cannot continue to wipe its hands of, and pretend to be a part of the solution when in fact it is the main cause, instigator and major contributor to the problem.

“If this neo-colonialist “contribution” can be stopped, the world can then turn to face dealing with “real refugees”, environmental refugees, drought, earthquake and other natural disasters refugees. Aid organizations can then be better able to focus on nation-building programs rather than refugee-camp building programs. Thus, the intake of refugee migrants can then be dealt with realistically and effectively”.

Andrew Bridgen MPIn a nutshell, Andrew Brigden Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire – who has consistently advocated rational policies throughout the Syrian conflict – told The World this Weekend:

“These are Syrian people who want to live in Syria. The solution is not taking a few hundred people to make us feel happier. What we need is a politically-negotiated solution to this problem.”


From humanitarian aid worker with ten years experience:

“Also with numbers of affected people involved, this is not a viable option for the vast majority of affected people (putting aside the mental issues) … £100 will go much further supporting people where they are/resolving conflict rather than ‘high PR level’ gesture of inviting a few over …


Sanitised and whitewashed: a disastrous, senseless war is upgraded

In Global Research, Lesley Docksey dissects the forthcoming WW1 celebration:

ww1 logo“During the centenary of the outbreak of WWI and the UK government plans four whole years of commemoration of this most disastrous and senseless war.

“It is, despite our financial situation, spending millions to help fund local and national ‘commemorative events’.”

A few of the points made are summarised here.

The government website says: “The IWM London was founded in 1917 to record the then still-continuing conflict”.

No: “The Imperial War Museum was founded in 1917 to demonstrate “the futility of war and that heroism is bought at too great a price”.

war museum

The Ministry of Culture was approached by a national peace organisation wishing to be involved, highlighting the essence of the message ‘Never Again’ – that WWI was ‘the war to end all wars’.

The ministry (understandably) replied that this “did not fit within the Government’s own centenary programme.” The Government wishes to “encourage a greater understanding of all aspects of the war”

Culture Secretary Maria Miller says “On 4 August 1914 we entered the war – a war like no other the world had seen. It is right we remember . . .the price that was paid by all involved.”

ww1 trenches

And that price was predominantly paid by the common man. There was scarcely a family that went untouched by the death or disablement of someone. To the whole generation of men lost is added the generation of widows and fatherless children, of women who never married.

The author points out that ‘The politicians, generals, armaments manufacturers did not pay the price’ adding: “Nor have they in more recent conflicts, which shows how little we’ve learnt in the last hundred years”.

Many councillors urged that funding for a ‘Folkestone Arch’ be given because of its commercial potential

ww1 folkestone arch

At the Shepway District Council meeting to decide on funding of £200,000 for Folkestone’s planned Memorial Arch many councillors urged that funding be given because of the arch’s commercial potential. One resident’s response to this:

“I can’t help feeling some disgust ….  This anniversary should be an occasion to honour the dead, but also to reflect soberly on their sacrifice and the leaders who sent them to their pointless deaths – but turning the anniversary into a tawdry competition for tourist revenue dishonours them on just about every level.”

The author adds that peace organisations are planning events more in keeping with the gravity of WWI, ending with a topical reference:

“The four years of commemoration planned by the government should have at its heart a programme of education around the utter failure of the politicians and leaders that led to the outbreak of war, the desire of some to go to war for monetary reasons, and the appalling incompetence of the military leadership that led to such a waste of lives. Talking about the ‘sacrifice’ of that waste only sanitises the slaughter.

“But to focus on the folly of WWI and the folly of the government’s plans for commemorating the war rather than looking at the lessons we haven’t learned, would only point a finger at the current failure over Syria.  And we couldn’t have that, could we?”


Bad decisions by government – 37: destroying Libyan fresh water pipeline

David Halpin wrote in 2011:

“Our dubious actions in Libya, not only destabilised that country but were also the cause of the destruction of the fresh water system established by Gaddaffi taking water from under the Sahara to the major cities . . . Not only did the missiles destroy that pipeline but the factory making the pipes was also destroyed”.

Global Research covered the subject in May this year:

“In 1983 the Great Man-Made River Authority was set up. This fully government funded project was designed in five phases, each of them largely separate in itself, but which eventually would combine to form an integrated system. As water in Gaddafi’s Libya was regarded to be a human right, there has not been any charge on the people, nor were any international loans needed for the almost $30 billion cost of the project . . . Read more about the project here.

 Libya pipes in the trench 3

“In July 2011, NATO not only bombed the Great Man-Made River water supply pipeline near Brega, but also destroyed the factory that produces the pipes to repair it, claiming in justification that it was used as “a military storage facility” and that “rockets were launched from there”. Six of the facility’s security guards were killed in the NATO attack, and the water supply for the 70% of the population who depend on the piped supply for personal use and for irrigation has been compromised with this damage to Libya’s vital infrastructure . . . 

“A ‘democratic’ and ‘democracy-bringing’ government that came to power through the wounding and killing of thousands of Libyans by ‘humanitarian bombs’, and that overthrow the ‘dictator’ whose dream it was to provide fresh water for all Libyans for free”.

2013: David Halpin continues: “Now we are asked to pay to supply water to Africa, when the cost of those destructive missiles would have provided sufficient pipes to take water to the whole of Africa AND create a decent sewage system”.
Bad decision? Criminal?


DEFRA Minister Paterson: listen to the GM contamination evidence – not the biotech companies

Megan Noble and Lawrence Woodward: “UK’s push for GM crops looks ill considered and irresponsible”.

GM wild2Does Owen Paterson – described as the biotech companies’ latest PR man – know about the recent experience of GM contamination in Oregon, Switzerland, Western Australia and other regions? The fear is that GMOs cannot be contained in the field, the food chain or even in research trials.

  • South Korea doesn’t grow genetically engineered crops but imports animal feed. It is finding GM plants growing wild in areas around major ports, factories, livestock farms and roads. The most commonly found GM species were maize (corn), cotton and rapeseed. The National Institute for Environmental Research reported that there has been a 33% increase in the level of detected GMO contamination cases in the wider environment since 2009.
  • GM canola (oilseed rape) is being spilled as it passes through the Rhine port of Basel and along Switzerland’s railway system. Bernard Nicod, a member of the executive committee of the Swiss Farmers’ Association said, “It would be hard to separate the cycle of production and distribution of conventional agriculture from that of transgenic agriculture. We are not sure we can cope with the extra costs of that kind of separation.”
  • Genetically modified (GM) wheat growing in Oregon led to Japan and South Korea banning imports of US white winter wheat. The discovery was made by the University of Oregon and forwarded on to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Neither Monsanto or the USDA has explained how the contamination occurred. See the Guardian this week.
  • Currently beset by fracking-related problems, earlier this month a local paper reported tests on genetically modified wheat in North Dakota. These are being conducted by Monsanto – following the discovery of contamination in neighbouring Oregon – under a ‘cloak of secrecy’, a local farmer said Monsanto, which owns a wheat development company based in the nearby city of Bozeman, didn’t respond to a request for comment last week. In 2010, Nature reported GM canola growing wild in the region.
  • Legal proceedings are still under way after an organic farm in Kojonup Western Australia was contaminated, in 2010, with genetically modified canola contamination. The WA government revoked Steven Marsh’s organic certification.
Lesley Docksey, in Global Research, writes:

“This constant dishonest pressure on the public from people like Paterson to accept something they do not want must stop.  It is dishonest because their ‘facts’ are at the least unproven, and at worst, untrue.  Nor do they really care about feeding the world.  If they did they’d stop the waste of so much food and ensure people had equal access to what the earth can provide.  This is all about giving the biotech companies control over the world’s food”.

Noble & Woodward conclude: “Until a solution to prevent contamination is found the answer is to stop transporting these genetically engineered crops across the world; stop feeding them to animals; and even to stop growing them”.