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Incinerators 5: a very courageous decision Eric Pickles

Corporate-political oligarchy rules OK!


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Cameron’s ‘localist’ government insists on placing an incinerator in this green and pleasant county, over-ruling its rejection by Gloucestershire County Council. Read the judgment here.

javelin parkThe Environment Agency presented the following plan for consultation after receiving an environmental permit application from Urbaser Environmental Limited to run a waste incinerator (energy recovery facility) at Javelin Park, Haresfield, Gloucestershire.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has ruled – despite local opposition and the county council’s decision – that it can go ahead.

“a massive Conservative carbuncle”

Gerald Hartley from campaign group GlosVAIN said: “It’s going to be a massive Conservative carbuncle built on the fringe of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A carbuncle that none of the local communities want.”

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Though grossly misguided and undemocratic, the Cameron government has made the very courageous decision to deliver a judgment which will lose them so many votes.