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Incinerators 2: the proposed Javelin Park incinerator (Gloucestershire)

graphic javelin park incinerator

 A report has been produced by Ynys Resources Ltd, a team of waste consultants

It finds that:

  • the need for an incinerator at Javelin Park is not proven and the proposal potentially breaches EU law;
  • more modern and environmentally friendly alternatives to mass burn incineration should be considered such as mechanical biological treatment and advanced thermal technology;
  • the proposed incinerator is so inefficient that it qualifies not as an energy recovery facility but as a waste disposal option – on a par with landfill;
  • the facility would burn a considerable amount of recyclable material and would create around eight times more hazardous waste than was put into it.

“If Gloucestershire were to invest in flexible pre-treatment facilities… capital expenditure would be lower, recycling figures increased, hazardous waste arisings would remain level and opportunities for more efficient use of fuel and heat could be found,” the report says.

Ynys questions the business case underpinning the project, saying ‘rather than providing service and financial certainty, the proposal represents significant risk to Gloucestershire County Council’ because GCC could be liable for annual £1 million penalty payments by 2020 under the terms of the contract.

County councillor Stan Waddington, said the report, commissioned by the campaigning group GlosVAIN, is “fundamentally flawed and full of misinterpretations and inaccuracies”.