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Emperor Cameron is wearing no clothes


Immigration: one of the 99% dispels the smokescreen created and released by Britain’s ‘Secret State’

As this is being written, prime minister David Cameron, in ‘a long-awaited speech’, has clothed himself in proposals to curb welfare benefits for migrants from the EU, following news that net migration to the UK has risen above 2010 levels.

These proposals will be implemented, he will say, if he is re-elected in May.

david cameron speech wm immigration

But one member of the public has refused to join in the immigration debate.

On Radio 5, he told broadcaster Rachel Burden that the debate is a smokescreen, fabricated to cover up and deflect public attention from the real problems:

  • the banks
  • and the corporations ‘running David Cameron’.

This is not news to regular readers and people on the Vested Interest in Politics mailing list; as Margaret, the co-founder of VIP, said:

“Commonsense has been replaced by corporate sense”.