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Capita to ‘support’ nuclear police: with friends like these, who needs enemies . . .

The FT recently reported that, according to figures from the Information Services Group consultancy, government spending on outsourced public services has risen from £64bn to £120bn in the five years since the coalition came to power.

Though the Serious Fraud Office is investigating Serco and G4S and the National Audit Office has called for tighter scrutiny of government contracts, the ‘outsourcing market’ gathers pace in health, justice, welfare and defence sectors and is now said to be the second largest in the world outside the US.

Concerns over food safety – and now nuclear security

civil nuclear constables

Capita, which took over the Food and Environment Research Agency in March, has won another contract. The Independent reports that the ‘outsourcing giant’ is to play a support role at the command centre of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, an armed special police service that protects nuclear power plants, waste dumps, and nuclear material in transit.

But Capita is neither cheap nor reliably efficient:

Why does the government make such decisions – manifestations of the corporate-state nexus at its worst?