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Media 76: in Sky, Business Insider and the Metro, Corbyn’s 52% approval is minimised or unreported

Readers respond to the last post Media 75:

One says that Sky mentioned this poll on Monday and a political commentator used the majority approval result to rubbish Corbyn.

Business Insider is more subtle: whilst acknowledging the correct result, it depreciates it by comparing it with a poll held twelve months ago, heading this with the reflection that party members are beginning to turn on JC.  


Another question was about who was polled and Business Insider gave a lead to YouGov’s agency, Election Data, who explains:

Having been responsible for the YouGov’s Labour leadership polling over the last 18 months, Election Data has asked me to shed some light on how YouGov is consistently able to accurately reflect the membership in these niche elections. Read on here. For YouGov’s Labour leadership polls, they use a number of important demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social Grade
  • Region
  • Vote in the 2016 Labour leadership election
  • Membership length 

When you look at the full tables, you will note that there are significant differences amongst some of these groups; members who joined before and after Corbyn’s leadership are, for example, very different in their strength of support for Jeremy. This is why it is so important to get the relative sizes of these groups right for each of the bullet points above. If they’re wrong, the overall sample will be wrong and your results will not be accurate of the membership as a whole.

The Metro (hard copy only),scandalously does not mention the majority approval/trust rating, leading its readers to infer from Corbyn’s less favourable votes on other issues that he has completely lost the support of party members. Its headline: “Half of Labour members ‘want Corbyn to quit’ “ – but no mention of over half who trust and support him. It then goes on to speculate about possible successors. A reader’s advice:

Ask your readers to complain to the Sun or any of the other papers who have carried the false story about JC’s tax returns and ask for an apology and correction.

And flood the frankly useless IPSO (regulator which is said to ‘uphold high standards of journalism’) with complaints and see if they actually do anything or just prove themselves a total waste of time that Hacked Off always said they would be.

If any reader really needs explanations for the hostility and misrepresentations surrounding Jeremy Corbyn, emanating from vested interests, they will be summarised in the next post on this site ‘Broken Britain’.





Ukraine: a picture is worth a thousand words


Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden

US vice president Joe Biden travelled to Kiev on April 22 to demonstrate high-level US support for Ukraine.

Yesterday Business Insider reported that Hunter Biden, his youngest son, has now been appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private-gas producer.

This is an example of the dominant corporate-political nexus in USA and Britain.

Several readers express a belief that the barely hidden agenda is – once again – to raise tension and sell more military equipment, benefitting constituents and party funds – pork-barrel politics. As RC emailed: “the war industry is just always looking for more arms trade profit-spinners, not least after failing to get approval over Syria”.

pulling stringsMore positively, he adds, “One principle that is emerging: globalisation has made all the major nations so dependent on one another such that it’s hard for them to be genuinely at war. China needs US for its food, US needs China for its cheap manufactures, Europe needs Russian gas, etc”.

But an increasingly destabilised world, where covertly incited and supported conflicts are now the norm, is an unhappy place in which to live. Even those pulling the strings should, at some level, feel profoundly uneasy.

obama biden biden

Bloodsoaked Anglo-Saxon governance is no laughing matter . . .