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Media 48 – Palestine: BBC charged with grossly biassed reporting, yet again!

A copy of the message sent by Dave Owen to the BBC:

palestinian olives

I am staying in a Palestinian village close to Nablus. I am picking olives with Palestinian farmers as part of a UN Protective Presence, we monitor and report on attacks and incursions by illegal Israeli settlers and the Israeli Defence Force, which is the occupation force of the West Bank.

(Ed: to read more about this work and the detailed accounts of ‘attacks and incursions’ of many kinds and one illustration (below) of those relating to trees, go to:

palestine trees graphicDave continues:
Three days ago 57 Palestinians were shot by the IDF and taken to hospital from the nearby Huwwara checkpoint, the injured included the Maan news reporter who was covering this event. The BBC did not report this story.

On Wednesday my friend and fellow olive picker David Amos was attacked by a group of young settlers from the nearby settlement of Yitzhar. He was hit three times on the head with large stones from close range while defenceless, a clear attempt to murder him. He escaped with his life by fleeing down the mountain with two other women olive pickers, who were also attacked and robbed.

The BBC have not reported this story at all and today rejected the proposal to speak to David on the Victoria Derbyshire program, after David had prepared himself, despite being unwell and in pain. We are extremely disappointed at the failure of the BBC to respond to this shocking story of unprovoked attack on a British citizen abroad.

While in the West Bank over the past week I have been following BBC news daily and am astonished at the pro-Israeli bias of reporting of this important story. Attacks, arrests and injury to ordinary Palestinians are simply ignored. Every story of an attack on an Israeli is given huge prominence. You are failing in your duty to provide objective unbiased news coverage. You may contact me on 07785355353.


Media Lens sees all this so clearly, retweeting in and even more forcefullydoes John Hilley, in The BBC’s Shameful Film: “Children of the Gaza War”. Coverup of Israel’s Orchestrated Massacre: ‘A truly disgraceful piece of distortion from the BBC’s Lyse Doucet’ . . . From the first minute of this shoddy  film,  one just wants to urge Doucet: tell the truth, give the context!’

“There is no ‘war’, only another orchestrated massacre, a campaign of civil terror, in order to maintain Israel’s illegal siege”.