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US & UK: rising use of GM herbicides, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism etc

Is it a coincidence, that – as the use of glyphosate rises – so does the incidence of Parkinson’s disease, senile dementia, childhood autism, prostate cancer and many other conditions?

Glyphosate was first marketed in 1976 and its use has greatly increased since 1995, when it was first used with genetically engineered crops. GE crops absorb glyphosate through direct application, and from the soil. It cannot be washed off, is found in rivers, streams, air, rain and food (according to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Note that most recording and research comes from American sources

glyph soy parkinsons graph

Graphs of death rates for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and senile dementia have been plotted against glyphosate applications to U.S. corn and soy crops. Dr Swanson notes that the correlations are quite strong. American deaths due to Alzheimer’s have been rising since 1980, but there was a sharp spike in 1999.

glyph soy senile demetia graphDr Swanson points out that correlation does not necessarily imply causation and there are now a host of other chemicals in our food and our environment.

glyph soy autism graphAutism data: U.S. Department of Education, Crop data: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Britain: an increasing number of cancers and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease and MS – and glyphosate in rivers and drinking water

In a new review paper written by Dr. Rosemary Mason (MB, ChB, FRCA) – medical doctor and naturalist – and submitted to the Scottish Parliament, glyphosate is shown to destroy both human health and biodiversity. She has compiled information from a global network of independent scientists, toxicologists, beekeepers, Industry, environmentalists, governments and regulators, noting that:

“UK has an increasing number of cancers and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease and MS. We have just had our drinking water analysed in Germany and we have glyphosate in it and in our rivers! Wales, like Scotland has epidemics of type 2 diabetes, obesity and autism”.

This water testing was a private initiative – in Scotland the water is not tested – see a FOI response to Graham White.

Dr Mason says: “We asked the Environment Agency why the most used herbicide and the most used insecticide isn’t being measured in groundwater and they said it wasn’t necessary”.

Though the presence of glyphosate in other British waters is also not tested for/recorded, Monsanto has commissioned a report on removal methods by Swindon-based Water Research Centre: WRc Ref: UC7374/14690-0 July 2007: WRC General Report – Roundup.

Her paper can be downloaded here: Glyphosate – Destructor of Human Health and Biodiversity

Dr Mason notes that agrochemical corporations wield tremendous control over the British and American governments and influence the formulation of pesticide regulations – effectively controlling human health and biodiversity.  She presents a Cancer Research UK graph recording the incidence of prostate cancer in Britain; to the untutored eye the trajectory looks chillingly similar to the American graphs.

glyph soy prostate cancer graph

Lucrative symbiosis: agrochemicals damage, then Big Pharma treats

Rosemary Mason looks at one example of investment in the medical sector and political funding:

“Syngenta is one of several chemicals companies which market biotech seeds and pesticides; AstraZeneca, its parent company, manufactures six different anti-cancer drugs mainly aimed at breast and prostate cancer.

“AstraZeneca’s Oncology Website predicts: “Cancer claims over 7 million lives every year and the number continues to rise. Deaths are estimated to reach 12 million by 2030.”

“Michael Pragnell MA MBA, founder of Syngenta, was appointed a Trustee of Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in March 2010 and Chairman in November 2010. CRUK is donating £450 million/year to the Government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences – see the relevant government website, page 9. #

Dr. Nancy Swanson received her Ph.D. in physics from The Florida State University and then worked as a staff scientist for the United States Navy. She  taught physics at Western Washington University and holds five U.S. patents. She is the author of over 30 scientific publications and two books on women in science. More detail here.


Bad decisions by government: 34 – denying parents the single vaccines

This imposed decision deterred many parents from having their children vaccinated and, having imposed it, government can be held responsible for the large current measles outbreak.

Parents who could afford it went to doctors and clinics who made the effort to obtain it and offer the individual vaccinations for measles and rubella as an alternative to the combined MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine when the combined vaccination was first introduced in 1988.

What is an ‘acceptable risk’?

As Peter Hitchens writes: “There is no proof that MMR causes or has ever caused autism, or the severe bowel disorder Crohn’s disease which can lead to brain damage. But both of these afflictions have become more common since the triple MMR was introduced in 1988, and they have brought unutterable misery to many families. Heartbroken parents speak of how they have ‘lost’ their children even though they are still alive. Toddlers who were alert, responsive, full of laughter and recognition, suddenly went quiet, and retreated into an unknown world where they are no longer the people they were or might have  become”. The writer asked a local doctor in general practice about his stance after its introduction and he said that after he had seen what happened to the child of his friend after receiving the MMR vaccine he would never administer it.

Governments may regard damage to a ‘small number’ as unimportant, but to a parent and child it is all-important.

Hitchens continues (remembering misleading government advice re thalidomide and cot deaths): “The wise person responds with deep caution to the words ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’, and with even more caution to the words ‘Trust us, we’re the Government’.”

Did MMR even work well?

Hitchens – the only journalist to track the measles deaths in Dublin and find out the true circumstances from the Irish authorities – says that the Irish epidemic in 2012 also revealed an ‘unsettling fact’ for the ‘MMR at all costs’ lobby; “At least ten per cent of those who developed measles had been given the MMR jab. One in ten is a pretty high failure rate for a treatment that is being pressed on the public as a great social duty”.

He gave no source for this allegation and a websearch revealed no such information in the mainstream media. The nearest the writer got was in a report from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, published four months later, which said that only some of the children, teenagers or young adults had missed vaccination and that Almost all parents (96.1% in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and 93.4% in Northern Ireland (NI)) reported that their children receive vaccinations.

Political and corporate pressure?

By 2009 Merck acknowledged that it had decided not to resume production of their single vaccines for mumps under pressure from Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunisation Practices, professional societies and scientific leaders.

Hitchens points out that though public money could not be used for single jabs, it was used to pay generous bonuses to doctors who increased the uptake of MMR (doctors could increase their annual income by £860 if they achieved a 70% take-up of the jab, and by £2,580 if they reached 90%) and it could be used for MMR propaganda campaigns. He reminds us that the prime minister of the government which used tax money for these purposes refused to reveal if his own small child had been given the MMR which his ministers and civil servants were vigorously pressing on everyone else.

His conclusion

swansea measles“The current events in Swansea and elsewhere were entirely predictable 12 years ago, and I predicted them.

“Exhortation and official reassurance were never going to work. A significant minority of parents would not let their children have the MMR, but would unhesitatingly have given them single jabs.

“Had this happened, there would now be no Swansea measles outbreak, or it would be much smaller (no injection has a 100% success rate, even when given twice, as the MMR is).

“If there is a measles epidemic in this country, the rigid minds of the Health Department will have to share the blame for it.”