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The Socialist Labour Party

The last smaller party featured on this site, Mebyon Kernow, is described as being ‘progressive left of centre”. This description could also be applied to the Socialist Labour Party, the fourth anti-austerity party.

18On Radio 4 recently the writer heard an impressive interview with Ken Capstick, treasurer of the SLP, former Vice-President Yorkshire NUM, Guardian panel for Comment is Free and NUJ member. Ken said the party was anti-austerity and wanted to see a transfer of wealth back into the hands of ordinary working people and away from the richest people in this land:

“We’re fed up to the back teeth of the poorest people in this land having to bear the brunt of this economic crisis that they did not create. They are not the perpetrators of this crisis, but they are being made the victims of it and the richest people in this land have been supported by this coalition government – they are being saved from their own actions. No-one has faced any prosecutions as a result of what the bankers did in 2007-8 that brought this economy to the very brink of disaster”.

The writer looked for more information and welcomed the SLP’s advocacy of economic localism.

SLP WM and Wales

The Socialist Labour Party increased its share of the vote from 1.2% in 2007 to 2.4% in Wales, 2011, giving the SLP the biggest percentage gain of the total votes cast in the election. It outperformed other small left-wing parties as well as the BNP. The SLP also received more votes than the Green Party in two of the five regions of Wales. It has also performed well over the years in Scotland, gaining 14.2% of the votes cast in Glasgow North East in the 2005 general election.

Download SLP Manifesto 2015 pdf .

Values and policies highlights – to read all sections in alphabetical order, click here.

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The party’s policies do not seek to cut public expenditure and imposing further misery on working people but to make those responsible pay for the crimes they have inflicted.

We have witnessed the banking system collapse resulting in the government handing over billions of pounds to help the banks and the bankers responsible for the collapse and the austerity which adversely affected millions of people throughout the United Kingdom.

No loans or grants have been made available to help people pay off their mortgages or debts. Instead the money has been used to increase the massive salaries and bonuses of the bankers responsible for the crisis and help international shareholders continue to have a slice of the cake.

They have witnessed the government nationalise the collapsed East Coast railway and use taxpayer’s money to completely refurbish and upgrade the system only to then sell off the nationalised rail system – owned by Britain’s taxpayers – to Branson’s Virgin Company. This is just one example of how capitalism operates . . .

The Socialist Labour Party wants to see the end of capitalism, a system which has caused unemployment, zero-hours contracts (better known as modern slavery), homelessness, cuts and the privatisation of our health and social care systems, education and pensions’ resulting for the first time since the 1930s in food banks being established throughout the entire nation.

The only way which Britain can rid itself of the austerity caused by the capitalist system, its banks and financial institutions is for the British people to own and control the means of production, distribution and exchange, a policy which would take Britain’s economic and political control out of the hands of these corrupt oligarchs and place that ownership and control of our nation’s future in the hands of all its citizens.

It requires the removal of the small elite who control Britain’s economy, employment, health service, education system, pensions and social care systems. The mad obsession with the production of nuclear and conventional weapons of war, designed to destroy life, should be replaced by a commitment to save and improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

The SLP demands Britain’s immediate withdrawal from the European Union and NATO, organisations which continue to threaten, not only our economic well being, but our very lives as demonstrated by NATO’s intervention and occupation in wars in the Middle-East.

The Socialist Labour Party wants to see a world free from war, free from want and free from oppression. It wants the right to the freedom of assembly, speech and association. It wants a world which promotes and protects the environment and the earth’s resources, not just for human beings but for all other forms of life.

It wants to see a Socialist world. SLP members want to see the dreams and aspirations of all those who fought for rights and freedoms become reality; a world where leaders are answerable to the people as a whole. These demands are not excessive; they are most moderate. They only want the earth!