Brexit blogs: 2016-2019

Brexit 12: Leap of Faith cartoon

Brexit 11: Brexit and climate change: farmers speak out

Brexit 10: No Deal Brexit will devastate our food, farming and landscape’: farmer & MEP Phil Bennion

Brexit 9: Now that it has become clear what Brexit might mean there should be another referendum. And include the option of staying.

Brexit 8: Moving from globalisation towards resilient self-reliance, Post-Brexit:

Brexit 7: Farm Groups: No Deal Brexit reckless in the extreme

Brexit 6: Bring back control’ to Brexit donors? Or to representatives of the people?

Brexit 5: Contingency plan for a no-deal Brexit: proposals to ferry in critical supplies – food, medicines and possibly car parts

Brexit 4: EU/WTO rules could lead to more public contracts going to foreign companies after Brexit– unless . . .

Brexit 3: Human rights after Brexit, ‘reliant on Parliamentary goodwill’ . . .

Brexit 2: The government’s secret Brexit impact studies

Brexit 1: Will players in the global casino make rich pickings from Brexit?





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