Assisted Dying: 14 posts

Discontinued section: now see new Assisted Dying website

Assisted Dying 1: delayed approval for safeguarded assisted dying – 31.1.11

Assisted Dying 2: Is the private health lobby blocking legislation which has public support? 8.12.11

Assisted Dying 3: LD party conference resists pressures exerted by the Christian Medical Fellowship – 29.2.12

Assisted Dying 4: legislation forces people to travel abroad in order to have a peaceful death – 2 25.4.12

Assisted Dying 5: Is government colluding with industry to ensure that maximum profit is extracted from the cradle to the grave? 9.9.12

Assisted Dying 6: continuing to deny British people a civilised and peaceful death – 6.2.13

Assisted Dying 7: Margo MacDonald MSP – 4.4.14

Assisted Dying 8: How long will government allow private health industry vultures and religious fundamentalists to prevail? 19.3.15

Assisted Dying 9: Pretoria judge approves the right to die with dignity, legally exercised in some American states, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and Belgium – 13.6.15

Assisted Dying 10: prioritising the interests of the  privatised ‘care’ industry and nursing homes – 26.4.17

Assisted Dying 11: At what age does the legal position on dying with dignity change? 24.7.17

Assisted Dying 12: Change the laws in England and Wales – 6.10.17

Assisted Dying 13: Prolonging life at all costs gives a bonanza for private health care, pharmaceutical companies and the financial services industry – 12.1.18

Assisted Dying 14: Or be ‘sentenced to years of mournful dissolution’ – 14.2.18







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