The social, economic and environmental challenges facing this country are not being effectively addressed, largely due to the distortion of policy-making by those on ‘an inside track, largely drawn from the corporate world, who wield privileged access and disproportionate influence’ according to a 2009 report by the Parliamentary Public Administration Select Committee [PASC].

The Political Concern website was set up ten years ago to raise awareness of the ‘revolving door’, rewards for failure, widespread behind-the-scene lobbying and party funding which corrupts the decision-making process here and abroad.

The proposal to set up this website came from Margaret*, the co-founder of a Vested Interest in Politics mailing list.  She said: “commonsense has been replaced by corporate sense”.

It is now common knowledge, with the growth of social media, that those on the ‘inside track’ are skewing parliamentary decision-making and revelations of this corruption are now accepted as the norm. Therefore, after December 14th 2013, individual examples of this practice have no longer been listed and the site has a wider brief.

The mailing list of 60+, includes three journalists, a farmer, an agricultural scientist, an accountant, three MPs, software designer, party leader, archivist, architect, broadcaster, astrophysicist, oceanographer, founder & director of think-tank, founder & director of NGO, Human Security and arms control consultant, doctor, buildings manager, UNA activists, trustee of two respected charitable foundations, individual from Spinwatch, business consultant, academic/activist [food security], Anglican minister, monetary reformer, chartered electrical engineer, nurse, economist, two European Election candidates, webmaster, academic [built environment], town planner, linguist, academic [agriculture], aid-worker, two company directors, researcher [economics], several teachers, co-ordinator of think-tank, academic [physics/engineering], allotment holder, founder member of UN–affiliated NGO, district nurse, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, members of the Environmental Law Foundation & New Economics Foundation

Another phrase Margaret used, whilst we were working in Mumbai, was “More flies are caught by honey than vinegar” and we set up another site within the Civilisation 3000 ‘stable’: Civilisation 3000: economic and political, which focusses on constructive thinking. The first post summarises the thinking of Professor John Kay (economics, LSE) on ‘the good corporation’.




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