State media (120) fails to report UN rapporteur’s judgment that UK is literally torturing Assange to death

Media 119 reported recently that the Belmarsh Tribunal had charged the  U.S. with crimes against humanity and that UK state media failed to report on its findings.

An online search reveals that only one newspaper has reported the damning words of Professor Nils Melzer, an eminent international lawyer and UN special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. He tweeted:

Peter Lazenby alone reported these words and added another quotation from the same source:

“As Assange clearly was not medically fit to attend his own trial through video link, how can they even discuss whether he is fit to be exposed to a show trial in the US, a country that refuses to prosecute its torturers and war criminals but persecutes whistle-blowers and journalists?”

Often dismissed as Communist propaganda, the Morning Star highlights the suffering and malpractice – at home and abroad – that mainstream media only covers later if the social media clamour is too loud to be ignored.





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