Parliamentary sketchwriter: “If a Corbyn government had behaved like this, wouldn’t Tory MPs be in uproar?”

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Michael Deacon asks readers to imagine:

  • that Jeremy Corbyn had won the election
  • that his ministers had refused to be questioned on the Today programme.
  • that journalists from certain right-wing newspapers were barred from a government briefing, while, say, the Morning Star was welcomed with open arms
  • and that a Labour minister defended this behaviour by declaring, “Jeremy has just won a resounding majority, and has the support of the people!”

He then asks how Tory MPs would have responded and makes three suggestions:

A chilling attack on press freedom.

A cynical attempt to avoid scrutiny.

A sinister ploy by shadowy, unelected advisers.





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  1. Be kind to our latest incarnation of Vladimir Putin — he’s got enough problems at the moment. His budget’s billions in the red, and his weight’s heading skywards once more. Fortunately, he’s clawed a coupla million back by hitting pensioners, who’ll lose their money given for caring for young relatives. However, Boris knows the real answer — more pies!! (and ever-bigger suits).

  2. Found 2013 ref:

    but no news on pensioners lose their money given for caring for young relative.

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