New petition calls for a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election

There has been longstanding official and unofficial censure of BBC bias

The BBC is seen by many as failing to fulfil its Charter’s first declared ‘public purpose’, ‘to provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them’.

For some years frustrated correspondents have sent the writer copies of their letters criticising the BBC for its biased reporting, adding the unsatisfactory standardised replies they receive. In similar vein is one by Gary Barker, headed by the following cartoon:

Readers are also encouraged to read Steve Beauchampé’s eloquent article in the Birmingham Press which opened:

“Five friends have told me recently that they have either stopped – or severely curtailed – how much BBC news and current affairs output they digest. All were once avid consumers of such content, none could be described as being on the extremes of political thinking, none would claim that the Corporation is guilty of ‘fake’ news, and none have turned instead to social media or become keyboard warriors or internet trolls to get their views across.

“They are, in their different ways, frustrated at the BBC’s failure to adequately reflect their own political beliefs and the lack of balanced debate on issues that matter to them. And they are irritated at some of the Corporation’s presentational tropes and the cheapening of the discourse that often accompanies it”.

“I never felt this way about our national broadcaster. They have always been my ‘Go To’ media outlet for gaining an understanding and appreciation of world affairs . . .

“But things have changed, and one issue above all has led me to question my primary allegiance to the BBC’s news and current affairs output. It is the coverage of the Labour Party and anti-semitism.

“I have never been a Labour Party member and have no intention of becoming one. But I voted Labour for the first time in thirty years at the 2017 General Election because the social democratic policies they offered resonated with me in a way that the centrist stance of New Labour never did”.

One example of the transformation of many BBC reporters into aggressive points-scoring inquisitors, is Laura Kuenssberg’s 2015 interview with Jeremy Corbyn

The BBC was later officially censured for breach of accuracy and impartiality in Laura’s News At Six report.

Several petitions and a host of readers’ letters have challenged the BBC’s failure to respect its mission “to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain”.

Following the July petition addressed to parliament, a call for a Public inquiry into bias in the BBC, the latest petition for a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election may be read here.






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  1. We have run our own petition called ‘Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC’ which was started in mid-September and ran throughout the election campaign and so far has not yet finished. We have got 22,300 signatures and as far as I know this was the only large petition on BBC bias to run throughout the election. We got 7000 signatures in one week after QT Leaders debate and Andrew Neil interview fiasco. I sent a letter of complaint by slow mail to BBC at start of December but only got a general response from their email. I have discovered that BBC complaints it outsourced to Capita and so on Friday sent a complaint to personal email of Tony Hall and Francesca Unsworth at BBC. If I do not get a personal reply next week we will go to Ofcom. I would like to assist with your petition if possible.

  2. I looked at the site and thought that petition had closed – have now signed. Will forward your offer to the initiator of the new petition. Thank you for getting in touch.

  3. It will be closing soon now.

  4. Also I was going to warn you about using Change petitions. I would not use them again. They make a fortune from people chipping in. People think they are chipping in to your campaign and they are not it is going into You will not see a penny of it and no evidence the money donated is advancing your cause. My petition made hundreds of pounds for them. I am not sure how much but I estimate £700-£800 at least and maybe more. They will not let you know. Change are an American company making money from campaigns they do not really care about.

  5. Thanks. I guessed as much I think they do ‘come clean’ in the small print.

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