Post election: misdirected venom

Richard House draws attention to a letter by Prof Diane Reay (left) in the Guardian, in which she urges all to accept collective responsibility rather than engage in a futile and spiteful blame game.

Noting that in this post-election period all the venom seems to be directed at Jeremy Corbyn, she reminds readers that the ex-coalmining families on the council estate that she grew up on, impoverished and barely scraping a living together, were betrayed not by socialist-led Labour but by a toxic coalition from the right and liberal wings of the establishment:

  • first there is the Tory party, with such contempt for ordinary people it lied to them throughout the campaign,
  • then a media elite of TV presenters and journalists who pretended impartiality while peddling distortions,
  • and finally the right wing of Labour who weaponised antisemitism to undermine Corbyn when the overriding concern should have been directed at the rise in antisemitism and all other forms of racism in British society.

But, as Prof, Reay points out, none of these groups will suffer directly as a consequence of the neoliberal free-market capitalism which will soon be unleashed on a divided, mistrustful and misinformed nation.

It is the working-class people who spoke to her of not being valued, respected or listened to, whose lives will be further diminished as poverty intensifies and the privatisation of public services continues apace.





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