Will voters be won over by a ’heroic Churchillian Johnson’ and forget nine years of austerity?

Setting off on tour

In his first full week as Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson toured the country before there was a pre-election legal requirement for balanced media coverage. He was booed in Scotland, confronted by farmers in Wales, chided over the future of the union in Northern Ireland, watched his coalition’s majority in Parliament shrink even further and saw the pound fall to a two-and-a-half-year low.

Richard House commented in the Western Daily Press that Mr Johnson has:

  • seized headline after headline to create the illusion that the Tories are actually doing something domestically,
  • induced voters to forget three years of self-inflicted Brexit-induced torpor and abject failure on all these domestic issues,
  • been backed by the ongoing right-wing mainstream media propaganda assault on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour
  • presented the Tories as the solution to the social and economic problems their austerity policies caused and
  • created a xenophobic Brexit scenario where a heroic Churchillian Johnson rides to the rescue and tub-thumpingly “delivers” Brexit against all the establishment and Remainer odds.

Richard predicts that Johnson will rush to a general election before the November GDP growth figures show that the UK economy is formally in recession and warns the 99%:

“Really… if voters are fool enough to have their vote influenced by all this carefully choreographed manipulation, rather than on a straight and sober analysis and assessment of nine years of Tory policy-making calamity, we’ll end up deserving the government we’re landed with”.





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  1. Always thought those that voted Brexit would be the ones that suffer from ‘no deal’. But I thought it would be after Brexit. Stand by good citizens of Leeds, Hull and Grimsby, the Gov is about to bury you under an enormous bunch of rubbish. Turns out no-one will want our trash after Brexit, so it’s going up north. Just what we, the proletariat, deserve says the sagacious, Boris.

  2. Thanks for alerting us to this. Found https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/north-become-south-englands-dumping-16805717

    Even the FT is showing global concern: “For manufacturers, governments can skew cost incentives towards using more recyclable and reusable materials… Sending more waste to landfill would be a tragedy . . . only by reducing waste through reuse and investing in recycling facilities at home can any hope of a sustainable solution to the world’s broken recycling system be achieved.

    One day they’ll get to the reduce and repair solutions, perhaps

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