Our brave leader speaks to the nation and the world


Comment on the statement made on 13th April, published by CNN


This evening I have authorized British armed forces to make a limited and targeted strike that did everything possible to prevent civilian casualties – but wounded three civilians in Homs (CNN) or two civilians and three military personnel killed, according to the governor of Homs province.

We are acting together with our American and French allies and offering profitable opportunities to our arms companies. And distracting from Brexit, incompetence, James Comey’s upcoming book, Cohen facing criminal charges and sundry sordid scandals. Not sure what is in it for the French…

At this time, my thoughts are with the brave British servicemen and women, who may be sent to their death by my decision.

This is the first time as Prime Minister that I have had to take the decision to commit our armed forces in open combat – though they have secretly been aiding ’coalition’ efforts in inflicting death and destruction in several countries, as confirmed when the recent death of a British soldier in Iraq was reported.

It is not a decision I have taken lightly but quickly because public opinion is against these strikes and I would probably have lost the parliamentary vote – and my premiership.

We cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized – but won’t stop manufacturing and selling them though this is concealed with some success.

One breach of secrecy occurred when, under our last government, our officials were exposed as having authorised export to Syria of chemicals listed on an international schedule of chemical weapon precursors. capable of being used in making nerve gas.

The international community must defend the global rules and standards that keep us all safe. That is what our country has always done – in theory, but in practice many violations include entering an illegal war, illegal rendition to Guantanamo Bay and seizing territory, expelling indigenous residents and offering it to the American military.

And that is what Britain will continue to do,

Unless we are thrown out of government

Start locally – vote!






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