A heartless government aids the bombing of Middle Eastern families and cuts funding to the terrorised in Britain

Whilst loudly condemning those who place a hand on another’s knee – words are so cheap – the government is cheerfully proposing to leave many living in fear of battering and broken limbs or even death. It is reported that two women are killed by male partners each week or seven each month.

Steve Walker quotes the ‘little-remarked news’ shared last weekend by the Guardian and elaborated on by the National CAN network: “It has been revealed that plans announced by the government will result in the closure of 39% of women’s domestic violence refuges, according to a survey by Women’s Aid – with another 13% having to reduce the number of places they offer”.

He ends by pointing out that even under the current, pre-change system 60% of women turned away from refuges last year – now almost 40% are to close

Government is prepared to spend money on enquiries into harassment on its own premises (annoying but hardly life-threatening) but remove short-term supported housing from eligibility for the housing benefit of the people who stay there – which currently forms 53% of refuge funding. The estimated effect of these changes will be that well over 4,000 more women and children in need will be unable to find refuge.

Until a more caring government helps to build strong regional economies enabling all to make a contribution and have a satisfying life, the current regime should at least maintain provision for the attacked women – and also for the 713,000 men who experienced domestic abuse last year, according to official estimates (See First Step Leicester). 

This heartless and shameless government consistently prioritises the welfare of its peer group – not only when it comes to aid and taxation – but strikingly in refusing promised aid for sprinklers in tower blocks, post Grenfell, whilst announcing that the parliament buildings will be fitted with the system. In effect: “Me first – you stupid”.





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