NI Farm Groups’ campaign leaflet

 Many Northern Ireland farming families

are in unmanageable debt

to banks, suppliers & services


  • Over 25% of farming families are living below the poverty line whilst trying to run their businesses
  • Many are losing their farms and homes
  • Many of NI’s banks are starting to run scared of agriculture
  • This has been caused by decades of relentless increasing financial pressure from large corporate food supermarkets, large corporate food outlets, large corporate food wholesalers, large corporate food processors and large co-op processors back to the farm gate to bloat their profits
  • Lowland and some upland subsidies do not work, the food corporates highjack the money through poor farmgate prices


The solution to the above and prosperity for all in Northern Ireland

A Northern Ireland version of US President Roosevelt’s 1930’s New Deal as follows:-

  • Legislation on farm gate prices through Stormont stating that farmers must be paid a minimum of the cost of production inflation linked plus a margin across the staples
  • This would not increase the cost of food to consumers, but would force the food corporates to lower their profits
  • According to the Gosling Report it would save Stormont £280million+ PER ANNUM in welfare savings – much needed for the Health Service
  • Would create 20,000+ new jobs initially with four times this to follow
  • Like Roosevelt’s success in the USA – when the farmers did well, the USA did well thus the aim for Northern Ireland
  • Farmers don’t want unnecessary subsidies – they just want properly paid for what they produce!


Please ask your BBC why this was not put to the politicians and the people of Northern Ireland ahead of the election

Check out Facebook page for information:

Farmers For Action (Northern Ireland)




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