Murdoch Times employee forecasts Labour purge and exodus but the Times’ YouGov findings support the spirit of ‘45

The YouGov survey for The Times, which polled 1,248 Labour members between August 25 and 29, shows that Jeremy Corbyn is leading Owen Smith, by 62% to 38%. Voting in the contest opened last week and the result will be announced on September 24, the eve of the Labour Party conference.

JC standingMonomaniacs?

The Trident nuclear deterrent is expected to dominate the party’s annual conference in Liverpool and the survey found that 53% of those voting in the leadership election do not want Britain to replace the weapons system — supporting Mr Corbyn’s stance.

Purge imminent?

Francis Elliott, Political Editor, asserts that the poll will embolden Corbyn supporters calling for a purge of critical MPs, with 48% of eligible voters in favour of requiring all Labour MPs to face constituency ballots before being allowed to stand, compared with 43% who are against.

Exodus inevitable?

She states that the party will face an exodus whatever the final result, with 29% of Mr Smith’s supporters intending to leave if Mr Corbyn wins and 36% of the incumbent’s supporters minded to quit if he loses.

But look at the figures given:

The poll finds that 63% of full members intend to stay if Mr Corbyn wins, with only 18% saying that they would join a new party.

Will this resolve eventually lead to a regime actually serving the common good in the spirit of ’45 – or will moneyed interests prevail?





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