Media 64: Railgate: the second of two recent stories from Murdoch stable is discredited

The Times yet again used a headline not substantiated by the article’s content, “Rail company accuses Corbyn of dishonesty” – they wish!

The actual words: “We have to take issue with the idea that Mr Corbyn wasn’t able to be seated on the service, as this clearly wasn’t the case,” a Virgin spokesman said. The company has released CCTV stills showing Mr Corbyn finding a seat on the train, saying that it “clearly wasn’t the case” he could not find somewhere to sit. Though Mr Corbyn did not claim that there were no seats on the train, he said it was “ram-packed”.

The Labour leader’s spokesman responded: “When Jeremy boarded the train he was unable to find unreserved seats so he sat with other passengers in the corridor. Later in the journey, seats became available after a family were upgraded, and Jeremy and the team he was travelling with were offered the seats by a very helpful member of staff.”

Other people on the train have come forward to say it was in fact very busy, at least at the start of the journey – see news here:

jc2 traingate

One passenger, Keren Harrison, posted a picture of herself on the train with Mr Corbyn and gave an account of events that contradicted the company’s version: “I was on said train and it was very busy!” He got a seat about 45 mins in when staff started shuffling people around!” She added in another tweet that the train was “chock-a”.

Private companies and the mainstream media in which they place expensive advertisements – and their political confederates seeking donations to party funds and non-exec appointments for family and friends – have a vested interest in discrediting Jeremy Corbyn, as many realise.

Comment from Theresa by email 

The Virgin train I was in recently only had 4 carriages on the busy Edinburgh to Cornwall train, one member of staff checking tickets, the train was totally overcrowded, none of the reserved seats marked, no food or drink available from Leeds to Cornwall. Virgin’s fares are ridiculously high as are those of most companies including the sites that say we’ll find the cheapest fares. On my outward journey the train was 30 mins late because it had broken down in Bristol. Corbyn was right the railways do need to be nationalised & hopefully May will abandon HS2.





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