Media 63: the first of two recent stories from Murdoch stable and allied sycophants is discredited

times coat of arms

The Times, not heeding the words on the shield of its masthead (above), the Sun, and sundry rightwing sites including Guido Fawkes and Politics House asserted that Labour rebels are planning to set up a “party within a party” if Corbyn is confirmed as leader next month.

A spokesperson for the Co-operative Party issued a statement responding to these allegations about the Co-operative Party’s relationship with the Labour Party:

  • “The Co-operative Party was created 99 years ago to champion the co-operative movement and that remains our mission today.
  • We are not a vehicle to be used by one political faction or another to advance their own agenda.
  • The Co-operative Party has worked with Labour under each of its leaders since 1927 and remains neutral on the current leadership contest within the Labour Party.
  • The Co-operative Party NEC has had no discussions about changing the way the Party operates based on the outcome of the Labour Leadership contest.”

In so doing, the Co-operative Party – which has 25 Labour MPs currently serving on a joint ticket with the Co-op – distanced itself from rumours that it could be used as a “vehicle” for frustrated Labour centrists to provide a rival opposition in the aftermath of another Jeremy Corbyn victory in the leadership contest.

Media 64: ‘Railgate’





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