Aleppo survivor’s picture heartlessly misused

Media outlets with an eye to political and corporate patronage make no reference to our country’s role in helping our special friends to commit war crimes in Yemen, Libya and Syria.

Following news of death and destruction by airstrike in Yemen – the fourth killing, maiming and destruction in the country’s hospitals, the world media has presented this picture (below) Instead of making urgent demands for peace, they use it ruthlessly to place all blame on Assad and Putin.

Aleppo survivor

Since March 2011, as part of the Middle East-destabilising Arab Spring, that infamous coalition-fomented drive for selective democracy and the weirdest form of freedom ever contemplated, Syria has been destabilised by an externally supported uprising against Assad. A government in exile was set up after the 2011 uprising and in 2013 it was invited to take up Syria’s seat at the Arab League. Its representatives then appealed – in vain – for NATO intervention.

assad 10

Robert Neild, Emeritus Professor and Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge, describes Assad  – previously a valued ally of Britain and USA – as an autocrat, like other Middle Eastern rulers, but one who did at least provide law and order, religious tolerance and considerable prosperity for his people before the revolt. This was also the verdict of many Iraqis on former leader Saddam Hussein.

Many worldwide now agree that interventions in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria have been disastrous for those countries, breeding a legacy of hatred because of the death and destruction visited on so many communities. Those in power truly shocked by the sight of the Alleppo survivor should insist all parties cease fire and cut support and supply lines to any who did not agree to work as long as it takes to find a diplomatic solution.


See the opinion of the President of Belarus – succinctly expressed and hard to counter – in a video (






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