Jeremy Corbyn: support cited by FT hatchet man

Jim Pickard, in the Nikkei-FT, refers to Corbyn’s backing by unions and party members which will stand him on good stead in the forthcoming two-month leadership contest, ending in early September.

Pickard reports that Corbyn sees himself as a vector for the leftwing forces sidelined under two decades of New Labour dominance and believes that resigning would once again neuter his wing of the party.

Despite a liberal use of derogatory adjectives, Pickard admits that Labour’s new members still overwhelmingly believe in their leader, citing research published on Tuesday, led by Tim Bale, professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London and colleagues from the University of Sussex,

As part of an ESRC-funded project on UK party membership in the 21st century and compiled with the help of YouGov, the field work was carried out among 2,026 members and registered supporters just after the May 2016 elections. Findings included:

  • About 64% of those who joined the party since May 2015 believe Labour is on track to win the next election — or 77% of those who joined since September.
  • More than half of them believe that persistent critics of Mr Corbyn should be deselected, according to the survey by YouGov.
  • 49% of people who joined after the general election believe the membership should have more say over policy, with the figure rising to 54% and 65% respectively among those who joined during and after the 2015 leadership election.
  • 55% of new members believe that MPs who “persistently and publicly criticise the leadership in the media should be deselected”, with the proportion rising to two-thirds (68%) of those who joined after Corbyn was elected as leader.

Some comfort was taken in the finding that only 15% of post-general election members and supporters have taken part in Labour canvassing or helped out a party function and only 28% said they had delivered leaflets.

An informal poll conducted by the writer finds that this is the case when the councillors and MPs requiring this assistance are either cool towards their leader or even hostile. It agreed with the final finding mentioned that an overwhelming majority have joined in campaigning for ‘real’ Labour on social media.





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