Blair is correct: Jeremy Corbyn’s principles are indeed dangerous – to profiteers and careerists

A Moseley reader sends a link to an article in which – after disastrously encouraging the various ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings, for whatever motive – Tony Blair has the nerve to deplore such upheavals in a ‘a major western country’, saying that it would be a “very dangerous experiment” if Jeremy Corbyn or a populist politician like him were to form a government.

tony blairIn an interview with BBC2’s This Week’s World, Blair – looking increasingly ‘hag-ridden’ – rejected the truth that his wheeler-dealing and lack of care for those he was elected to serve was responsible for widespread popular welcome for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He pleads for the centre ground to get ‘its mojo’ back and seemed particularly concerned about foreign policy- receiving, as he does, a large proportion of his income from less than admirable powers abroad.

Mere unpopularity or deep-seated, long-lasting revulsion?

Andrew Sparrow, the Guardian’s political correspondent, mildly comments that Blair’s support for US intervention in Iraq and free-market economics made him increasingly unpopular with Labour activists, helping to explain the rise of Corbyn in 2015.

The British people have a choice of futures, with:

JC survey university.

Care, not neglect

Freedom from corporate malpractice

Equality of opportunity and security

Honesty, not manipulation

Common good the priority, not self-seeking

Peace, not war


If they choose wrongly, as an Indian analyst recently thundered in another context, they will only have themselves to blame.




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