The latest lacklustre attempt by the Murdoch Times to diminish Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity

JC standingThe latest attempt made by the Murdoch Times to diminish the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn is the 16th of the first 19 Times references listed on the Political Concern database.

Many of its senior journalists having failed in attempts to make convincing attacks on the Labour leader, the baton has been passed to the Tatler admired Lucy Fisher.

She alleges that several careerist new Labour MPs are ‘plotting’ – aka considering bids for so-called ‘influential’ mayoral positions, which will be contested for the first time next May.

Her view is that the government will hand greater powers to these “metro mayors” as part of its devolution programme; but will they be powerful – or puppets in the hands of the truly powerful prevailing political-corporate alliance?

The Times article speculates that the MPs in question are tempted by opportunities to gain power outside parliament working alongside the new London mayor, or earning better money in the private sector and Ms Fisher alleges that a brain drain is feared.

It could be argued that the departures of ‘public servants’ with such an outlook would act as a beneficial pruning of wood, infected by self-seeking perverse ambition and a disregard for the interests of the 99%.


Corbyn Labour could well be strengthened by an influx of socially aware MPs after losing those who desire power and money more than serving common good.




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