Corbyn attackers “wedded to a bilious and myopic illusion of ‘power’ “

Lesley Docksey writes:

I’m a very independent person – I don’t like my politics to be given ‘labels’. But…

From the moment Jeremy Corbyn entered the Labour leadership race, I signed up as a supporter. I’ve met Corbyn, heard him (and McDonnell) on many occasions and boy – did I support what he was putting forward.

Being a normal muddled member of the ‘electorate’ – or perhaps not so muddled after all – I support Labour for its protection of people, the workers, the ill, the elderly. I understand their defence of industry and jobs. But I also support the Greens because I care beyond anything else about the environment. Its health is what keeps us alive.

I have been utterly distressed and revolted by the managed ‘anti-semitism’ campaign, so carefully timed to scupper the local elections this week. That people should have wasted their time trawling through ancient records to find the odd ill-considered comment from way back when, shows how some people are to bring Corbyn down.

That they should be happy to engineer the destruction of the Labour Party in their desire to bring him down is shameful. I have no words to describe my disgust at such dirty politics.

And did anyone think to point out, when seeing Andrew Marr wave an ‘anti-semitic’ front page of a magazine at Dianne Abbott last Sunday (dating from the 70s-80s when edited by Livingstone), how very similar it was to the Charlie Hebdo publication that all our dear leaders went to Paris to support with their shameful, pretend march?

We were all young once and we all had big mouths and said things ill-considered and stupid. We grow up, we learn from our mistakes; and we learn most of all that the world is filled with other people who may not follow our beliefs or politics but, once we come to know them, prove just as sincere and worthy.

But those attacking Corbyn and the Labour Party members who support him have NOT learned, nor it seems will they ever, so wedded are they to their bilious and myopic illusion of ‘power’.

Because of all this, and living like so many of us in a fiscally ruined Tory landscape, I have had enough. I am beyond angry. That is why I went online and donated some of my precious money to the Labour Party. It could have paid for something else but I had to invest in the future.

I hope and pray that Labour does well on Thursday; that every voter who can goes out and votes Labour; and that everyone who reads this digs in to depleted wallets and does the same as I finally did.

Lesley Docksey © 03/05/16




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