Media 58: the rattled Murdoch Press found wanting

The Sun can ‘reveal’ that “the White House had long ago dismissed approaching Mr Corbyn, who has been a bitter critic of US foreign policy for decades – revealing it is the Labour boss who faces being snubbed”. (Below, JC after meeting Obama)

JC after meeting Obama

Jeremy Corbyn MP ‏@jeremycorbyn: “Today I met Barack Obama. We discussed the power of global corporations & the need to take action to reduce inequality across the world”.

Climbing down after publishing “Barack Obama has no interest in meeting Jeremy Corbyn in London this week and never offered him a slot in his scheduleits sister paper diminished the truth:

“The president met Jeremy Corbyn backstage. The Labour leader pronounced their talks ‘excellent’, although it is not known what Obama made of their discussion on ‘post-industrial societies and the power of global corporations and the increasing use of technology around the world’ “.

Corbyn ‘grabs’ and ‘scores’ a meeting

So wrote Politico EU, a 2015 joint venture between United States-based political publisher Politico and Berlin-based Axel Springer AG, with ‘no political affiliation’.

The Guardian is now dealing fairly with Corbyn

It reports in full: Corbyn met with the US president for 90 minutes at the Royal Horticultural Halls in central London following his town hall event with hundreds of young people at the venue. Corbyn said they spoke about inequality and poverty and “The challenges facing post-industrial societies and the power of global corporations and the increasing use of technology around the world and the effect that has.”

A spokesman added that Corbyn and Obama agreed on the need for Britain’s continued membership of the EU: “They agreed on the case for Britain to remain a member of the European Union, and that there would be further contact between their teams to discuss measures to deal with international tax avoidance and evasion.”


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