Social-media based youth increasingly enthusiastic as Murdoch’s Times tries to trash Corbyn

Though lacking substance, today’s message, almost manically disseminated by Rachel Sylvester is:

  • Whatever the EU result, Labour is the loser
  • Corbyn is becoming ever more of an irrelevance.

Her opener: “As top Tories dominate both the Leave and Remain campaigns, Corbyn is becoming ever more of an irrelevance”.

Alan Johnson twinned: found similar to Boris!

Alan Johnson_2JC 4 smallShe has even provided a non-threatening Corbyn successor, enthusing over Alan Johnson: ”an easy charm . . . brilliant communicator who possesses that rare political gift: charisma. Moderate, sensible, articulate, humorous: every time Mr Johnson appears on television to make the case for Britain to stay in the EU, he is the embodiment of all that Jeremy Corbyn is not”.

Gleefully (?) noting “The referendum on independence in Scotland destroyed Labour north of the border” she adds that the impact of the vote could be more devastating for Labour – she sees it as being marginalised.

Welfare and workers’ rights – so yesterday!

In his approach to Brussels she sees Mr Corbyn merely “trotting out old arguments about the importance of immigration, welfare and workers’ rights, apparently oblivious to the way in which public opinion has shifted in the last 40 years. . . “ and smears: “There is no sense of passion, more a suspicion that he sees the EU as a capitalist conspiracy against the masses but is nervous of saying so”..

David Cameron is extolled: strength, security, prosperity are his buzzwords tho Boris apparently preferred as leader:

“Having conceded a referendum in order to appease his rightwingers, and mounted a bogus negotiation in an attempt to hold the Tories together, he has now moved beyond the partisan bickering to put a statesmanlike case for Britain’s membership of the European Union . . .

“Mr Corbyn has done the opposite, failing to rise to the occasion at a critical moment for the country. He is a divisive party leader who would make a worse prime minister. That is why Labour may be in deeper trouble than the Conservatives — whatever the result of the referendum”.

JC survey university

Not so, Ms Sylvester: unimpressed by and probably oblivious of mainstream media, Corbyn’s young supporters continue to back the new approach with enthusiasm. Corbyn wins 18 elections by a landslide, the media’s silence is deafening: in party elections on Thursday Jeremy Corbyn was given a decisive mandate from Labour’s youth wing as Corbyn supporters won every seat on regional boards and Young Labour’s national committee.


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