Despite the government’s cruel raids on the most vulnerable, there is more than a bat squeak of pity for the PM as attacks mount

Opener: Steve Beauchampé in fairly civilised vein:

david cameron3“There is something very satisfying about observing Prime Minister David Cameron on the receiving end of a hostile Tory media as he attempts to negotiate new terms for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.

“This is a man very used to getting his own way, used to having and enjoying that same Tory media supporting his attacks not only on political opponents but on the poor and vulnerable, the defenceless, the voiceless and the marginalised, exaggerating and inflating his pronouncements in the process.

“Born into wealth, married into even more wealth, luxuriating in self-assurance and a veneer of charm, Cameron regularly dismisses legitimate concern and criticism of his government with a string of political catch phrases, jibes, insults and vacuous rhetoric. He does this not as a sideshow, but as a core trait of his political modus operandi”.

SB continues with a references to Cameron’s recourse to ‘fear tactics’ and a dependency upon his political foes to assist with the Remain campaign, as they did before the Scottish referendum, “to deliver a vital victory and personal salvation”.


Today in Rupert Murdoch’s Times, Philip Collins (below) wields the knife more gently:

Philip-Collins“Only an incompetent leader would find himself with an overall majority but face possible resignation within months . . . David Cameron’s reputation as a leader has been rising . . . Yet, with all these advantages he has somehow contrived to get himself into a mess on the European Union such that, four months on from this undreamt of domination, he might be forced to resign. If the deal is declared a dud, if the referendum on EU membership goes against his recommendation to Remain, Mr Cameron will be finished. It is hard to think of a comparable political disaster . . .

He really isn’t as good as he appears, is he?

Mr Cameron has always been over-rated by his friends . . .


All fists flailing: the Plastic Hippo:

plastic hippo“Even if we disregard the blatant lies, the avarice, the duplicity, the arrogance and the sheer incompetence and if we forget the broken pledges, promises, pleas and piffle and if we ignore the bluff, double-bluff and triple-bluff, it is still possible to feel some sympathy for the Rt Hon David Cameron MP. It cannot be easy for a two-bit chancer, snake oil salesman and card-shark to invite himself to the biggest crap game in Europe and expect to be taken seriously.

“He might be a shallow embarrassment but he is our shallow embarrassment and at least deserves our pity.

“Cameron promised a “definitive” referendum on UK membership of the European Union. This solemn pledge was made when opinion polls confidently predicted another hung parliament and a continuation of the disastrous coalition between vicious Tories and the now extinct Liberal Democrats. Simply to break even, Cameron had to raise the stakes to see off the challenge of xenophobes, little Englanders and racists threatening to take votes in Tory marginal constituencies. Knowing full well that a referendum would never take place during a coalition government, he now has to go through the motions after unexpectedly gaining a slim majority.

“This bold action will reduce the national debt by about the same amount as the cost of Mr Cameron`s travel and catering bill accrued to secure the deal.

“The promise was of full-on treaty change, massive reform and ever widening European division. Realising that he is holding a busted flush, snake eyes Cameron has dropped the anti. He will fold and walk away from the Brussels crap game waving his winnings at a grateful British public. The massive reforms will include an end to benefits paid for the fifth, sixth and subsequent children of Transylvanian shepherds currently working in Redcar steel mills. This bold action will reduce the national debt by about the same amount as the cost of Mr Cameron`s travel and catering bill accrued to secure the deal.

The Hippo notes: “Full-on treaty change will ensure that the European parliament will not be allowed to impose impertinent and unnecessary scrutiny and regulation of the City of London thus maintaining the honourable reputation of that noble financial institution as the finest, most relaxed illegal gambling den on the planet. Knock twice and tell them Dave sent you”.

And Steve ends:

“For a variety of reasons I still think that Remain will win, yet be in no doubt that before polling day Cameron will be forced to make further concessions to salvage a campaign where both he and the Establishment will often be outflanked and outwitted by opponents. But the discomfort of David Cameron, watching him duck and dive serious political engagement, and find out what it’s like to be relentlessly pilloried in the media, promises to be something to savour”.

Pins for butterflies anyone?



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