Whistleblower Dr Mattu: justice cruelly deferred, but finally not not denied

In 2012 this site published the case of Dr Mattu and Julian Assange, also currently in the news, under the title, ‘Whistleblowers: so many have suffered – is the Public Disclosure Act being deliberately ignored?’

The editor briefly entered into a supportive correspondence with Dr Mattu. Today’s news, of vindication and some compensation for years of suffering , came as a heartwarming surprise.

The original article summarised:Raj-Mattu-_2994460c

The latest case in PCU ‘s crowded whistleblower folder is that of Dr Mattu, the cardiologist who warned that that overcrowded wards at Coventry’s Walsgrave Hospital had caused the deaths of at least two patients and was suspended on full pay for eight years before being dismissed in 2010 . . . (Ed: in copying from the original the changes were saved and she cannot find the missing text).

Five months after making his complaint, he was suspended from duty and a disciplinary file passed to the General Medical Council containing more than 200 allegations, including the bullying claims, was dismissed by the GMC in 2009 . . .

All this in the face of the so-called Whistleblowers Act, honoured only in the breach: the Public Disclosure Act. 

David Lewis, Professor of Employment Law at Middlesex, writing in the Industrial Law Journal,* had highlighted several weaknesses in the legislation, and – relevant to Dr Mattu’s case – it does not prevent employers from “blacklisting” and refusing to hire those who are known within the industry to have made disclosures in previous jobs.

And so it goes on at national and international level. 

It ended with: Justice for Dr Raj Mattu a people-power petition.

whistleblowers suffer

All must honour the whistleblower who is exposing genuine malpractice – however embarrassing or potentially expensive in terms of compensation.

*Lewis, David (1998). “The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998”. Industrial Law Journal (Industrial Law Society) 27, payment required to read Oxford Journal pdf text.

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