Media 53: mainstream ignores three Corbyn-Labour by-election victories

Not the news they wish to hear?

In two Kent seats and in Liverpool, UKIP came second.

karen constantineYesterday, a generously worded welcome for Karen Constantine’s Newington victory, taking a seat from UKIP, came from Mark Pack, Liberal Democrat commentator and public relations expert. Karen, a trade union equalities officer and mother of four, will now take her place on Thanet District council.

This led the writer to find in all three Labour election gains this week.

susan kennedyOn the 21st, Labour also won the by-election for Ramsgate Town Council with Susan Kennedy being elected, again with UKIP second. Susan is a consultant working in education at national and local level, medical education, university lecturing, secondary school teaching and senior management.

nova charltonToday, Nova Charlton won the Thatto Heath ward (St Helens Council) contest with 964 votes and UKIP’s Alastair Sutcliffe came second with 182. Nova is an employment officer for a housing association who has been campaigning with Labour for the last five years and says: “Holding a place on the council is about being honest, questioning and challenging, and standing up for what your community is asking for.”

A Google search only revealed these successes reported in local papers in Kent and Liverpool.

Had Labour lost, there would have been two-inch gloating headlines!


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