Financial Times describes undemocratic Blairite would-be saboteurs as moderates!

Channel 4’s Michael Crick has tweeted a rebuke to broadcasters referring to non-left MPs as ‘moderates’; as one commentator added: “what’s moderate about voting to bomb Syrians?”

crick2 tweet corbyn

After this week’s shadow cabinet changes, the un-named FT writer accuses Jeremy Corbyn of undoing Mr Blair’s New Labour ‘moderation’ (and about time!) – adding that Jeremy Corbyn will not be doubted when he says he wants to change Britain’s Labour party.

ft view logoS/he continues: “The opposition leader has been easy to dismiss as a benign eccentric, cowed by a job he never expected to acquire. That perception melted over recent days as he turned his shadow ministerial team into something more socialist, pacifist and loyal to him”. Details followed.

The FT writer conceded: “He has a mandate to pursue his vision of Labour . . . “

It is conceded that Jeremy Corbyn is entitled to shape a team in his image and jettison colleagues who plainly resent the fact of his leadership. In short, as tweeted:

dugher 2 quote

But – reproachfully: “Even after the purge, eminent members of the Labour mainstream continue to serve”; these were named as Andy Burnham, Lord Falconer and Jonathan Ashworth, reproved for ‘putting party unity first’. But perhaps they are serving because they respect the huge democratic mandate given by party members.

FT verdict: “Mr Corbyn, screened by his mandate and the internal rules of the party, is increasingly likely to contest the 2020 general election”.

We hope so.


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