Shocked? Yes, for months the Daily Mail columnist, Simon Danczuk, has shocked many

Simon Danczuk, a moderate? A star?

simon2danczukIt has been reported that MP Simon Danczuk – described in the Mail as a ‘star’ – has been suspended over ‘inappropriate behaviour’ and his conduct is being investigated by his party’s National Executive Committee.

Simon Danczuk has, in fact, been behaving inappropriately for months – spitefully attempting to undermine his democratically elected leader

JC 4 smallActing as spokesman for moderates’ in the Labour Party, he has written several would-be damaging articles for the Daily Mail. One is headed: “Watch out, Citizen Corbyn … moderates are on march”.

In October he adds “Labour is the ‘nasty party’ now – and Jeremy’s hate mob could destroy us” . . . and later “My party is now a cult locked in a trance, and the bigotry of the past”.

What conclusions would a physiognomist draw from the faces of Danczuk and Corbyn?

On the 13th December Danczuk imagines the BNP and other far right parties taking over and running the Tory party and then says that the same ‘chilling scenario’ is unfolding in the Labour Party as the ‘fanatical ideologues who have seized power’ are at the other end of the political spectrum.

A week later he described those in power somewhat differently – as a bunch of sniffy metropolitan elites.

The breaking news – admitted by Danczuk – confirms that this man is not fit to hold office and the Daily Mail really should review its editorial policies or close down.


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