Commentary on our British values encapsulated on Facebook

Thanks to Anne for the lead.

“Hey you British Muslims we want you to appreciate our British values.

  • In a matter of a fortnight the Tories have welcomed the Chinese premier,
  • broadcast the building of a military base in Bahrain,
  • accepted their special relationship with the Saudis
  • and have today welcomed Sisi the Dictator.

The entire values argument has been desecrated by the same people who insist others implement them.

Yes, we want you to have high regard for the values we couldn’t give a toss about.”

So writes historian Jahan Mahmood, former lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and former adviser to the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT) in the Home Office. More from him here:

Reader Steve adds: Missed out the President of Kazakhstan who was also in the UK last week…and Modi’s visiting soon and he doesn’t have the greatest record on free speech and democracy either.


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